⚽ Manchester City & Man United Football Stadium Tour – Old Trafford vs The Etihad

Manchester City the current Premier League champions but what happens if you’re a fan of the archenemy hi guys welcome to another episode of ultimate oculus and today I’m here at Manchester City Stadium so Manchester is currently home to the best football teams on the planet Manchester City and Manchester United obviously as you […]

Seasonality in UK horse racing and how it affects your Betfair trading

so help I’d do a video this time of year to talk about seasonality in horse racing sounds a bit dull but it will give you some guidance in terms of where you are within the year where to set your expectations and what you can do about it so the thing is that all […]

Stadium Crowd Sound Effects | One Hour | HQ

Stadium Crowd Sound Effects

⚽ Liverpool Everton Stadium Tour – Anfield vs Goodison Park

Hi guys welcome to another episode of ultimate bucket list I’m wearing my Manchester United shirt let’s go noise some people in Liverpool Liverpool and Everton two Giants of English football these clubs are situated less than a mile apart from each other and there’s no rhyme or reason as to why you would pick […]

Artists ♥ Football: Matthew Barney | SFMOMA Shorts

I wanted to put my body into my work. I wanted to put my own experiences into my work. And this was, as a student, this was at a time I just stopped competing as an athlete. So the experiences I had which had been most profound were on the football field. You know, I […]

Football Basics : How to Throw a Football Like a Pro

Hi, I’m Ryan McCann, and we’re going to talk about how to throw a football like a pro. First of all you want to start with a good base. Good foundation to throw from. Once you get that; well, that requires just a good solid foundation where you’re in balance and if somebody comes to […]

The Rules of Australian (Aussie Rules) Football – EXPLAINED!

Ninh explains the RULES of Australian Rules Football Australian Rules Football, more commonly known as Aussie Rules, is a game played with two teams of 22, with 18 players from each team taking to the field at any one time. The game is played on an oval field that’s generally a maximum of 185m x […]