How to Treat Tennis Elbow with 3 Effective Exercises

you know what’s up it’s coach E here from precision movement and today we’re gonna talk about three exercises to do if you’ve got tennis elbow or lateral epicondylitis tennis elbow is when you have pain in this lateral epicondyle area of the elbow joint okay this is the humerus the upper arm bone is […]

Which Jockstrap Is The Best? (TEST)

Super Bendy Teen Fits Body Through A Tennis Racket: BORN DIFFERENT

COMM: 18 year old Yash Shah has been shocking locals with his body-bending abilities. COMM: His extreme flexibility has earned him the nick name ‘Rubber Boy’ amongst friends and family. COMM: Due to his unusual skills, his family were concerned and took him to a doctor to check that everything was okay. COMM: Now his […]