GOLF: How To Cure Your Hook For Good – Drills

Hey guys in today’s video I’m gonna show you how to cure your hook for good Alright guys so obviously we’ve done a lot of videos about Shallowing your downswing and fixing the slice and getting rid of over-the-top and and certainly that’s the greater majority of you guys who are watching This but there […]

Iron Lie Angle – The Importance Of The Correct Golf Club Lie Angle

Hi, Robin here with a short video on the importance of the correct line angle on your clubs. You’ve got a face alignment tool here on the club face. It’s to help us with the understanding. Fist the club with the sole of the club flat on the ground with the club face square. You […]

How To Fix Your Hook In Golf (PGA PRO EXPLAINS!)

And I want to talk a little about: How do we fix the dreaded hook? It’s a shot that, really, a lot of high-level players fear, including myself. I think a lot of the guys and gals on the tour really are afraid of hitting a hook, particularly under pressure, you know, when the adrenaline’s […]