Hockey Players Try To Keep Up With Figure Skaters | SELF

Sesame Street: Ice Skating School | Murray Had a Little Lamb

CHILDREN (SINGING): Murray has a little lamb. LIN-MANUEL MIRANDA (RAPPING): Yo, Murray has a little lamb who wears a little bow. CHILDREN: Go Murray. LIN-MANUEL MIRANDA (RAPPING): Together they go everywhere amigos like to go. BOY: M– Murray. LIN-MANUEL MIRANDA (RAPPING): He follows her to school each day. They run, they spin, they leap. CHILDREN: […]

Shibutani Siblings Talk 2018 Winter Olympics, Figure Skating And More | Megyn Kelly TODAY

Саша Трусова ИСТОРИЧЕСКИЙ ПРОКАТ❤️Alexandra Trusova historical skating

Good afternoon, dear subscribers and channel guests. Alexander Trusov in Bratislava issued a historical rental. Three quadruple jumps and three world records. Ondrei Nepel Memorial forever go down in history like the tournament that happened three quadruple jumps at once in female arbitrary the program. The author of a new achievement – Alexander Trusov. Her […]

Katarina Witt – The Diva on Ice with a huge heart | Legends Live On

I must have been 5 or 6 when I first stepped onto the ice of my own free will. (LEGENDS LIVE ON KATARINA WITT) I fell in love with everything to do with it and begged my parents, “Please let me become an ice skater!” East Germany had put people into programmes and she chose […]

Skating Class in Basic 6⛸

[Music] Welcome back today, I’ve taken a class and she says that I Learned it from another class, but she was just joking because I Didn’t have learned that from another class. It was a new move so Hope you enjoyed this After passing basic 5 however My mom signed me up for another class […]

How To Perform a Figure Skating Spiral ft. Anna Cappellini | Olympians’ Tips

(HOW TO…) Hi, I’m Anna Cappellini from the Italian Ice Sports Federation. Today I’m going to show you how to do an angel. (ANGEL) (BASICS) It’s better to start learning this movement in a straight line and possibly with a friend to give you a hand. You need to keep your abs tight all the […]