Olympian Adam Froese is Loving Life After Field Hockey

You spend four years working towards this moment. Froese against Manchester. If he scores this they’re there. And he’s done it! Canada have beaten the Black Sticks. For it to come down to one shot. Just how it all happened, I almost see it as a definiton of a miracle. Adam Froese, who can believe […]

HERON HIGHLIGHTS: #20 Field Hockey tops Lakers, Wood breaks record

With two goals and one assist for the third year in a row against Oswego leads the Herons to a 5-1 victory Hannah just your thoughts on the win overall. I think we really came out strong today because Oswego is always a rough surface it’s really bouncy and we usually play an astroturf so […]

HERON HIGHLIGHTS: Field Hockey beats Manhattanville

are neither keeper is faced one directly carried ensign Leonard out tries that one at Oh save right on cue as the Sena bitch was able to kick that one away finally finds Birla on the little outlet gets spun around now will sweep it ahead and looking off the left edge of the circle […]

Ashley Hoffman, UNC field hockey player and Honda Sport Award winner, shares her inspiration

♪♪ Hi my name is Ashley Hoffman, I play field hockey and I carry my mom’s championship field hockey ball. This ball signed by mom’s entire 1984 Olympic Bronze Medal Field Hockey Team. When I look at this, I feel like I have the ability to dream as big as I want too. My junior […]

Science of the Summer Games: Field hockey/nutrition

I’m Taylor Lister. I’m a junior exercise science major at the University of Delaware and I play midfield. Field hockey players have tremendous calorie needs, especially those that have practice five days a week for two to three hours. On an average game, they’re running five to six miles and constantly changing direction. As a […]

Can Dutch hockey star Ellen Hoog help a team who doesn’t score win? | The Z Team

(THE Z TEAM) (DELFT, NETHERLANDS) Hockey is the number one women’s sport in the Netherlands, and in the town of Delft Ring Pass one of its most established clubs. For the past eight years its girls under-18 first team has played in the top division and even gained promotion to the national league by winning […]