How to Play Roller Hockey : Skating Forward in Roller Hockey

Alright, something else you need to get familiar with is how to skate properly. The best way to learn how to skate is just getting out there and practicing and doing it. All you’re going to do, all you want to do is bend at the knees, and all you’re going to do is push […]

The Hammer Golf Swing : How to Choose a Golf Club

In this segment I’m going to explain how the hammer swing can help you select clubs when you’re between two clubs. I’m sure that many times you’re in a situation where you don’t know if you should use one club and swing hard or use a less of an angle club, a stronger club, and […]

The Hammer Golf Swing : How to Work a Golf Ball

In this segment I’m going to talk about working the ball with the hammer swing. Now, working the ball means intentionally hitting a fade or a draw or a slice or a hook. Curving the ball with the hammer swing. Now, we’ve been talking about basically hitting a nail straight. Well, that’s going to hit […]

The Hammer Golf Swing : Why Long Golf Clubs are Hard to Hit

In this segment I’m going to talk about why a longer club is more difficult to hit than a shorter club. Almost every golfer feels, “Well, I hit my wedge better than I hit my 7 iron, and I hit my 7 iron better than my 5 iron, and I hit my 5 better than […]

The Hammer Golf Swing : Hitting Low Hammer Golf Shots

In this segment I’m going to talk about hitting the ball low. Why is it important to hit the ball low? How many times have you seen golf scores go up when the wind is blowing hard? Why? The main reason is that people don’t know how to hit a shot low. They hit a […]

59 Seconds: Sigma 2 Adjustability

One of our top 3 performance elements on a putter is getting the length right. We know from research that 8 out of 10 players putt better with something other than our standard length. Our standard length is the single most popular length we have at 35″ but most golfers given the chance to self […]

59 Seconds: Custom-Built for Bubba Watson

The grip itself, I want it larger and the reason why I want it larger is because of my wrist speed so I turn the ball over or turn the club over a lot and so I want to create a bigger grip which slows the wrist down. Instead of me changing my golf swing, […]