Dragons blown away by “toughest negotiation in the Den” | Dragons’ Den

Next up are Brian Smiley and Euan McCreith Two Scottish techies with a plan to revolutionize the mobile app For our fantastic products it’s you know, innovative disruptive and you know, yeah, it’s very exciting Whenever we pitched, we’ve had a 100% hit rate in terms of them pitched classes investment, so I’m very confident […]

Daniel and Henrik Sedin’s Final NHL Game – Behind-the-Scenes

– [Henrik] There came a time where we had to make a decision if we were to stay or if the Canucks want us back, and the longer the season went, it became clear to us that this was going to be our last year. ♪ I don’t need recognition, I’m on a mission ♪ […]

The Rules of Curling – EXPLAINED!

Ninh explains: The Rules of Curling Curling is a Scottish sport that is now played internationally and at the Winter Olympics. The game is played with two teams with 4 players taking to the ice at any one time. There is one reserve player in case of injury. The object of the game is for […]