Shadow Drills | Table Tennis | PingSkills

Hi, I’m Alois Rosario from PingSkills. Parth has asked us a question about using shadow drills. Shadow drills are where you don’t use a ball. So what you are doing is you’re using your strokes and practicing your strokes without the use of the ball. You can also use footwork drills the same way. A […]

GoPro: Japanese Ice Hockey Prodigy Aito Iguchi

>>Look at that stick.>>My name is Aito Iguighi from Saitama, Japan. Years old, 11. I am a monkey.>>First impression, in person, I thought he was a bit shy. Ten minutes later, the complete opposite. He was just super energetic, super outgoing.>>Cup bud. And just a kid who loves life.>>And loves hockey.>>Whoa, whoa!>>Go, go, go! Hard, […]

The Best on Golf Course Playing Lesson!

all right today I’m on course doing a playing lesson with my man Dave just hidden in the trees so we’re gonna learn how to manage this kind of day on course day reached out to me and just Matt met up here and see if we can get his game his gameplay in good […]


– Welcome back to sunny Naples, Florida. Adam Bazalgette, two-time PGA Teacher of the Year Award winner down here, back to talk to you about how to get lag in your irons, specifically how to get lag down at impact to really smash those irons, we all want to do that. Let’s check it out. […]

How to Play Ice Hockey : Passing a Hockey Puck

Alright another very important thing in hockey, is you got teammates out there so you need to contribute and help your teammates out by passing the puck. Uh you can’t just be a puck hog and a glory hog passing the puck it makes your teammates look good and it helps the flow of the […]

Get More Distance – Should You Lift Your Heel in Your Golf Swing?

in this video we’re gonna talk about our our heel to to lift or not to lift I guess that’s the question let’s do it okay so we’re trying to figure out this left heel should we lift it or should we not a lot of guys on tour some do some don’t matthew wolf […]


– Adam Bazalgette, Two-Time PGA Teacher Of The Year Award winner, back here at the beautiful club at Mediterra, Naples, Florida. Today’s Video subject is a golf Backswing Drill for a better Takeaway. (Upbeat music) So golf backswing drill for a better takeaway. Now bear in mind, there is two things at least my view […]

Field Hockey Trick Shots – Field Hockey Game | HockeyheroesTV

Lawrence Charlotte, Tomas, Leiah, Dennis and Paul. And today we’re gonna do a trick shot video It’s introduced by FHP Steiner, so thank you for sending us business trips. I’m gonna flavor Are pretty simple I will start I will make up a trick I get three times to try it yeah And then each […]


– Hello Adam Bazalgette back here in Naples, Florida. I’m two time PGA Teacher of the Year Award winner down here, longtime David Leadbetter Associate. Today’s subject, Golf Wedge Play! How to get great wedge play in the game of golf. Let’s check it out! (upbeat percussion music) So golf wedge play! I’m going to […]

The Best Chipping Drills to Fix Your Golf Game!

it’s chipping day today let’s do it okay first thing up today we’re gonna go short chips okay one bag shag short chips to a short flag open-faced we’re gonna open the face of these and we do short chips with the open 60-degree or highest lofted wedge make sense and the reason we want […]