Rock Climbing Competition held in Shigar Valley

Rock Climbing Competition held in Shigar Valley

He Built a Hockey Rink in Big Sky Country

Winters get long no matter who you are and a lot of people will go south for the winter. I go out and ice skate I don’t get depressed I just I get excited to go skate again and I play hockey. It keeps the winter passing by. My name’s Pete and what I do […]

Sina Candrian’s LAAX story

The biggest goal is for sure to shred as a grandmother just having fun each day I’m on the mountain that’s yeah that’s the key of snowboarding. I started snowboarding because my dad started it and I saw him riding down the hills and thought it’s a really nice sport so my mom and I […]

A Snowboarder’s Unbelievable Tiny House

Mike Basich was a snowboarding pioneer. But after hundreds of competitions that brought money and fame, he went in search of something different. [ROCK MUSIC PLAYING] Welcome. Thank you. It’s such a rush just to get up here. [MUSIC PLAYING] When did you first get into snowboarding? My mom was always looking for something different […]

How To Make $1 Billion On Horse Racing

The Happy Valley and the Hong Kong Jockey Club, it’s kind of a Mecca for horse racing. People there bet more in terms of their income than almost anywhere else on the planet. In 2001 a very large jackpot had built up. Roughly 20 million dollars U.S. One million people placed a wager on the […]

Meet the World’s Oldest Hockey Player

(dramatic music) – Oh, my goodness, I played, I guess you might say, forever. Probably about 1931 is when I first started. It’d be 85 years approximately that I’ve been playin’ hockey. I’m Mark Sertich. I’m the oldest ice hockey player in the world. (uptempo, rhythmic music) I’m 95 years old, hope to be 96 […]

Snowboarding Without the Snow

(electronic music) – [Jason] Anything you can do on a snowboard, you can do on a mountainboard. (loud rocks) I love the feeling of being in nature and charging down the mountain. (intense drum music) I wanted to keep that feeling all year round, so we built what’s called a mountainboard. (electronic music) My name […]

Joel Grimes – Master of Illusions

For many years I defined myself as a photographer and I had to work within sort of the boundaries that definition puts forth, but photography is not reality, it is a representation of reality. Really, I view myself as an artist, and I have the ability to pick and choose what I want to render. […]

West Coast Snowboarding Documentary // Ft. @nolans_journies

All Right, yeah Oh I put my heart and I had to know I’m serious Got some untouched powder out here out of Steamboat Springs, Colorado I’ll hear my homie Nolan now come around me that he’s up there. We’ll see him in a minute, you know something for my Sake I wanna take a […]