DIY Edible Makeup Pranks! DIY Makeup Tutorial with 10 Funny Pranks and Life Hacks

Not all makeup is edible, but yours can be! Today I’ll show you 10 DIY makeup ideas that work like a dream, taste amazing and are perfect for pranks. Mmm… -Ha? Hihihi! Squeeze candy is the perfect sweet treat for creating DIY makeup products, especially lip glosses. It comes in so many delicious flavors and […]

PANCAKE ART CHALLENGE!!! Learn How To Make Minions Spiderman & Fidget Spinner out of DIY Pancake!

Insane Futuristic Man Cave – The Skysphere

If you combine a love of [treehouses] and mechanical engineering then amazing things are likely to happen Today I’ve traveled to Palmerston north to meet John O Williams. Who’s constructed a high-tech retreat that really looks like it belongs in the future you Get a john. Oh, hey guys again. How’s it going? Mate? Good […]

LEGO Mini Golf: Round 2 – REBRICKULOUS

today the three of us are competing in a lego mini golf obstacle course good job it’s all for you guys out there watching our game today consists of three holes each with a unique theme that incorporates Lego builders obstacles and just like regular mini golf the objective is to get your golf ball […]


Hi guys, today we’re going to go golfing but I can’t go like this because I look like an idiot There we go, now let’s go [Camera-dude is Brooks. Grace added captions so I’ll try to indicate who’s talking] [G] In an on-going attempt to broaden my horizons and experience all aspects of life I’m […]

Tennis court turned into delicious, soothing gardens: Suzanne Novak and Bill Nemeth

These days Suzanne Novak and Bill Nemeth volley tips about their orchard or the vegetables and roses in raised limestone beds. But when they bought their house above wild basin in the 90s, this was all a regulation tennis court. – We don’t play tennis. Our dogs played on it, and our daughter learned how […]

8 Best DIY Food Hacks You Need to Know How To Do Challenge!

– Yo, we got watermelon! You want some? – Yeah, of course. – Alright, here we go just gonna crack it open like this. Yo! – Oh, wait, what? – Check it out! – How did you do that? – How’d you make it orange? – Orange, wait, you want an orange? Alright, here we […]

Cleaning Golf Clubs: Dremel Rotary Tool

Cleaning Golf Clubs Did you know you can use a Dremel rotary tool to clean your golf clubs? To show you how we’re going to use a Dremel 300 series tool, the Multi-Vise, a brass brush #535 and a #512E abrasive brush. For cleaning golf clubs you can also use a Dremel 400 series XPR, […]

How to Make a Hole-in-One Golf Ball Trophy Paperweight Cube from Epoxy Resin | DIY | Tutorial

This is a simple wooden golf tee, already painted white. You only need the top 15mm for this project. Cut a 55mm square of artificial grass. This piece was sold as a sample on eBay. Trim the grass with scissors to neaten it, and drill a hole in the centre the same diameter as your […]

My Dream Locker! If I Lived in my Locker | Back To School 2017

Hey guys, it’s Cloe, and welcome back to my channel if you’re new here, please hit subscribe Today’s video is all about every girl’s dream locker and when I say every girl. I don’t actually mean every girl I know every girl’s not the same, but this was my dream locker I feel like my […]