Pepper vs Golf Club [Annoying Orange Foodsplosion #3]

-(announcer) It’s time for fun in slow motion. Get ready for… -(audience) Foodsplosion! -What up, fantastic fruity friends? Welcome to Foodsplosion, the game of smarts that’s toppin’ the charts! [laughs] Now, who’s our contestant? -(announcer) It’s… Pablo the Pepper! He’s a Virgo, likes long rolls on the beach, and can bench-press a stapler. -Yea-ho-ho! What’s […]

HOW2: How to Play Golf

– Fore! (laughs) Whoa, talk about a ”crack shot”, am I right? (laughs) – Ugh. Hey everyone. – Today, Pear and I are showing you How 2 Play Golf. – [Pear] Have you even ever played golf before, Orange? – Nope. But I totally just read up on it. So I’m good to go. I […]