Norwich Hockey – Ask the Fans

I’m here Kreitzberg arena, you’re watching Norwich Television and I’m here with Rich Schneider. What’s the thing you enjoy most about Norwich Hockey? Winning. What do you enjoy most about Norwich Hockey. The goals of course, Jim. Never really watched hockey before I came here, and then I came to Norwich and got really into […]

Preparing Girls for College Hockey Careers with Kristi King // NSCtv

Hey guys, I’m Kristi King and I’m putting on the Collegiate Girls Prep Hockey Camp. It’s the inaugural year of it and I’m the camp director. What inspired me to come up with this camp is the fact that not all kids get the opportunity to work with college coaches and to have that opportunity […]

Illinois State hockey team hits the ice

We practice about two times a week and have a workout once a week and on the weekends we have two games against one team. So we do that about every week. We have a division two team which is more of our traveling team where we go a bit farther out and we play […]

UNH Hockey- On the road

[MUSIC PLAYING] Been on the road quite a bit. Definitely kind of part of being a hockey player. We’ll head out on Thanksgiving morning. We’ll leave the rink at about 5:45 in the morning, fly out of Boston. My role in the team is to take care of our day-to-day operations and assist the coaches […]

RIT Men’s Hockey Highlights vs. Army, Oct. 28, 2017

On side somehow Drackett swings it around to they goals take farside That’s a nice outlet pass over to Dupuis. Down at the center with wings side three on two for RIT. Powell! Great circle will it. Let’s remain in front. They store! Oh my god, they killed Kenny at the Peacock! 2:39 left and […]

Quinnipiac Day in the Life: Quinnipiac vs Yale Men’s Hockey Game

(music)>>Happy Friday everybody. Roommates beat me to it, they’re already awake downstairs as you can probably already hear the music bumping. Today is game day between Quinnipiac and Yale, men’s ice hockey rivalry match. I’m excited for it, we’ll see what the day has in store. You can definitely feel the buzz on campus with […]

RIT Women’s Hockey 2012-2013

Tenecia Hiller: Overall it�s been amazing, definitely the best four years of my life. Kristina Moss: We�re so close, we�re always there for each other. Kim Schlattman: Winning that National Championship is something that will be with us for the rest of our lives. Scott McDonald: To finally win that last game, as soon as […]

UNH Men’s Hockey at Fenway

I can remember, probably back about 5-6 years old, my uncles took my brother and I to the games quite often. A big Red Sox fan, watch them in the World Series. Somehow, I just never made it out to a game. Never made it even in Fenway. You know, watching the Yankees, growing up. […]