Titleist 905R Driver | Golf Club Review Video

Hi everybody. Donal from Golfbidder here and I have Michael with me testing out the Titleist 905R driver. Ok Michael I’m going to get you to have a look at it here. Just address the ball. Tell me at address Michael, how do you think it looks? I like the shape of the head. It […]

Ping K15 Hybrid | Golf Club Review

welcome to a beautiful sunny day and all thorns Country Club where we’re looking at hybrids in particular the ping k15 hybrid which we have here well the pinky case series are all about producing straight shots and how do they do with this hybrid well the face on this club is titanium there’s 27 […]

Golf Club Review | Mizuno MP 60 Irons

Hi everybody. Donal here from Golfbidder. I’m looking now at the Mizuno MP60 irons that came out in 2005. Well with Mizuno you can be assured of quality. Mizuno say that there are their first cavity back, or cut muscle cavity. but what you and I consider as a cavity nowadays, this really isn’t it, […]

Golf Club Review | Callaway X12 and X14 Irons

Years ago when I was a kid I used to love walking into the golf shops and have a rummage around the pre-owned sets to see what i could find. Now, many years later, I’ve been rummaging around the Golfbidder Store and dug out these Callaway X-12s. And after all these years, thousands of clubs, […]

Golf Downswing : Gravity drops the club not you!!

Hey everybody. Terry Bradley here again with the Simple Swing Thoughts Golf Academy and today we’re going to talk about down swing. Now the down swing of a golf swing happens after your back swing. So as you take the club back, as it gets to the top, it’s the down swing now that we’re […]

Golf Club Review | Cobra FP Irons

Hi guys, Donal here from Golfbidder. I’m looking at the Cobra FP iron. Now this iron came out in 2008. If you’re a fan of Cobra, a mid to high handicapper and you’re looking for a club that’s got lots of forgiveness and playability, and plenty of feel, this FP iron might be for you. […]

Golf Club Review | Titleist 909 Hybrid

That’s great stuff Paddy. We’ll have you in to talk about the club. Welcome to Doc’s Dawn Raid. Thank you. Hey everybody, Donal from Golfbidder here. I’m with Paddy, he’s a plus 1 handicapper and I’ve given Paddy the 909H hybrid from Titleist. Now Paddy you’ve never hit a hybrid before, you don’t have a […]

Golf Club Review | Callaway X460 Driver

That’s it Shane. How’s it going? Good. Good. Welcome to Doc’s Sawn Raid. I have Shane here looking at the Callaway X460 driver. Shane give me your thoughts on this. You’ve had this baby. It’s 2011 now so you got this 5 or 6 years ago now. 5 or 6 years ago yeah. So you […]