Golf Tips & Lessons : How to Get a Golf Ball to Check Up

Hello welcome my name is Julio Nutt and I am a master instructor of the Jim McLean Golf School in Miami, Florida. In this clip we are going to talk about how to make a ball check up or how to produce back spin on the ball. It is very important to understand how the […]

Golf Lesson – Hitting The Centre of The Clubface

Hi, Robin here. Something many golfers don’t realize the importance of, is striking the ball from the center of the club face. You probably already know that if you don’t strike the ball from the center, the ball goes shorter for sure. But also, non-center hits will affect the direction of your shot, both where […]

Ping Rapture Fairway Golf Club Review, Features and Benefits Video

Now for me the 3-wood is often the club in the bag that gets most overlooked but I think it’s very important. A 3-wood that’s easy to hit can be a great go to alternative if your driver isn’t working. And it’s also the club that can get you closer on the par 5s in […]

Callaway FT-iZ Hybrid | Golf Club Review

welcome to the old thorns Country Club where today we’re looking at hybrids and in particular now we’ve got the callaway ft eyes at hybrid now this will suit golfers who are looking for a bigger headed hybrid it’s almost bordering on fairway wood size F T stands for fusion technology you combine a stainless […]