CCM Hockey Super Tacks AS1 VS Super Tacks Skate Review

hey guys Chris from hockey tutorial here and today in this video I wanted to share with you guys a comparison with the brand new CCM Super Tacks AS1 versus the previous generation of Super Tacks I know sometimes when manufacturers bring out new equipment you look at them and graphically you don’t see that […]

Cheap hockey sticks VS Expensive sticks

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June 15, 2015 – Hockey Night in Canada (HNiC) – Playoff Closing Montage

Tyler Nicholson & Jamie Anderson: A Snowboarding Love Story | CBC Sports

I knew she was an awesome shredder and I knew that, and was just, like, an icon in snowboarding, so, like, I was super intimidated to talk to her. And then we’re out drinking, and dancing, and staying at one of my sponsors’ house and he, like, walked me to the neighbourhood and we had […]

June 24, 2013 – Hockey Night in Canada (HNiC) – Playoff Closing Montage

Clara Hughes – The “Olympic Delinquent” Who Won Six Medals | Legends Live On

Everything I did in sport has just, like, I mean, it’s dictated the rest of my life. (LEGENDS LIVE ON CLARA HUGHES) I’m not a person that attaches memories to things. Like, my Olympic experiences, many of them ended with medals. Those medals don’t define what the experience was. Growing up I got into a […]

Ticketmaster Talks: Ice Hockey

On this edition of Ticketmaster Talks we are here at O’Brien Icehouse in Docklands and we’re here hosted by the fantastic champions that are the Melbourne Ice. *laughs* What have I gotten myself into? Make sure you’re comfortable, not too tight. So how do you feel? Fine. I’m sure as soon as I get out […]

Scuba diving at Canada’s OLDEST golf course

this morning I want to go down the river and there’s a golf course that’s one thing that always interested me is to dive on the golf course to see how many balls I could find so that’s the golf course water I’m gonna gear up looking looking for balls the dive was pretty good […]

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