Ventrac at Hawk’s Nest Golf Course Ohio State ATI

I’m Mark Smith I’m the golf course superintendent at Hawk’s Nest golf course Ohio State ATI. I’ve been superintendent for ten years we are currently owned by The Ohio State University Ventrac has been a part of Hawks Nest now for the last five years in many different capacities using it from the contour deck […]

Golf Sand Game Tips : Opening the Golf Club Face

Okay, so let’s say that’s my shot. So let’s say I hit a long iron and the ball rolled into the sand trap so it’s not stuck in the sand, it’s doesn’t have a bad lie. So this shot, what I’m going to do is I’m going to open the club face because I want […]

✔ Minecraft: How to make a Golf Course

How to make a Golf Course Today we’ll make a golf course! Golf Courses often have a few different features and I’ve tried recreating them. I’ll use grass wherever in the ‘rough’ areas. Sandstone slavs as ‘bunkers’, Green/lime clay or wool combined with each other or grass blocks as the ‘fairway’. And lime clay as […]