The Stress Free Golf Swing Review – Is this SECRET working? [NEW]

Learn the Perfect Golf Takeaway: (Rotary Swing tells you what you should focus on)

Any time we’re going to hit a golf ball, the real tool is our body. Our body moves the club, the club hits the ball, so how we move our body dictates all of this. I find too many instructors and too many players get too worried on what the club is doing, and not […]

Avoid Freezing Over the Ball

[Music] have you ever become frozen over the ball feeling like you can’t move and you don’t know when to initiate the swing well it happens at every level of golf even with Tour players Michael powers with north bound golf and what you’re watching is a video of European Tour player Sam horse field […]


– Hi, Adam Bazalgette here founder of Scratch Golf Academy. Today we’re gonna have a look at the golf swing of Jon Rahm. (energetic music) So Jon Rahm, fantastic, powerful golfer. 6″2, strong guy, one of the really up and coming players. I’ll show you what I think about his swing in different places. Some […]