How To Turn In A Small Confined Space – Inline Skating tutorial

Step one is you have to push. So it’s… it’s really simple you just, I’m going to, I’m going to push with my right leg so you just push out. And If I’m going to turn to my left, Now let’s see if I can, there’s a, the, the little area on the floor is […]

Dutch Hockey Hero Aims to Transform a Young Kenyan Team | The Z Team

8 FAILING TEAMS You weren’t supposed to do that 8 OLYMPIAN SUPER COACHES 1 WEEK TO MAKE A DIFFERENCE – Now we wake up! Out! OUT! Mount Kenya University Ladies Hockey Team are a hockey team in trouble. I can’t say we are at our best just for now, but we are trying to come […]

Freestyle Ice Skating: 180, 360, 540 Tutorial

Hey guys! Time has come for the next jumping tutorial video! This is about the basic rotation technique on ice. You can easily do 180s, 360s with this tecnique or even go for a 540 with a little tweak. As mentioned earlier in the jumping basics video, during take off, your legs are just gently […]

15 Things That Make You Look Like A Beginner Skater (And How Not To)

My name is Justin Lauria, and today we’re going over the top 15 things that only novice skateboarders do, so that you know how to avoid looking like a beginner when you go to the skatepark. Alright, so I know that one of the biggest factors that holds people back from learning how to skateboard […]

3 expressions to improve your conversation skills

Hi, my name is Emma and [today]. We are going to talk about conversation Expressions, we’re going to talk about three very important conversation expressions that will help you to organize Your conversation as well as help people listening to what you’re saying Know where you are going to go with what you are saying […]

Learn 3 Amazing Football Skills! CAN YOU DO THIS??! Tutorial

Lerne 3 faszinierende Tricks. Gehe mit deinem starken Fuß halb um den Ball und bringe ihn mit der Innenseite deines schwachen Fußes in die Luft. Schlage den Ball anschließend mit Inneren deines schwachen Fuß in deine Laufrichtung. Steige mit deinem schwachen Fuß über den Ball, bringe ihn mit deinem starken Fuß nach vorne und stoppe […]

Drum Cymbal Skating (dangerous)

(exclaiming) – I thought that was coming with me and it wasn’t. It’s that time again. Snow’s melted, skate parks are open. I’ve got Casey. – Hi guys. – What’s up, you ready? – I’m ready. You ready? – I’m ready. – [Both] Will it shred? – Drum cymbals. Skateboards made out of drum cymbals. […]

Ice Skating Tips for Beginners : Ice Skating Balance Exercises

Let’s try pushing with one foot, the other and you can swing your free leg, swing your free leg. Change the direction and the foot. Push the one with the other and swing your free leg, swing your free leg, swing your free leg. Change your leg and swing and push, swing and push and […]

Ice Skating Tips for Beginners : Basics of Intermediate Ice Skating

Now we will see the combination of all of the steps together. O’kay let’s try this. Bend your knees and step and skate, body weight shifting and pay attention for the pushing too, pushing, pushing, yes. You can raise your arms a little bit but just so. Raise your arms and push and push and […]