How to Play Roller Hockey : Skating Forward in Roller Hockey

Alright, something else you need to get familiar with is how to skate properly. The best way to learn how to skate is just getting out there and practicing and doing it. All you’re going to do, all you want to do is bend at the knees, and all you’re going to do is push […]

Tennis Lessons for Beginning Players : Tennis Court Layout & Lines

So the basic layout is that we have a court that you can either play doubles or singles in. The singles court lines are…you’ve got your baseline that ‘s the end of the court and you’ve got a hash mark here that basically designates which side you will be serving from, depending on your scoring […]

How to Play Ice Hockey : Crossover Skating in Ice Hockey

Alright. Along with your forwards skating and your backwards skating, you’re going to need to know how to do a crossover. When you’re forward skating all you’re going to do is the same push off, but when you go to turn, your right leg goes over and your left leg goes under so you can […]

How to Play Ice Hockey : Skating with a Hockey Puck

Alright when your stick handling, you always want to keep your uh knees bent, keep moving that puck, keep your head up. Keep skating, keep moving that puck, you always want to know where the puck is at all times, but keep your head up so you can see the guy oncoming guys. Whether you?re […]

How to Play Ice Hockey : Skating Forward in Ice Hockey

Alright something that all hockey players are good at uh young or old is and it’s a very important part of the game it’s how you skate. Uh if you skate improperly you slow yourself down, but if you do it the right way you?re going to generate a lot of power a lot of […]

How to Play Ice Hockey : Skating Backwards in Ice Hockey

All right. Similar to the skating forward is backwards skating. What you’re going to do is, you’re doing the same thing. You’re bending at your knees. You’re leaning forward. Legs spread apart and you’re going to generate the power, but in front of you instead of backwards. And you’re going to make like S’s and […]

How to play cricket: The Basics

[Music] basically anybody can play cricket any size any edge any any person boys and girls I’ve seen players play cricket from 75 years old basically starting from three or four years old translated from the game throwing anybody the game of cricket is played between two teams of eleven players each there are two […]

OMGOSH WE FINALLY BEAT IT | Baldi’s Basics in Education and Learning ENDING

[Naruto Intro Plays] [Naruto Title Card Shows] (Baldi Hack Owo) [[Intimidating Music Plays Over Wheezing]] There’s one thing that I’ve been missing. That will help me become invincible. Yeah, I know, It’s the Bandana, And Today, We’re gonna beat the breaks off of Baldi. “Welcome to Baldis basics in education and learning” “Tha”- [Explosion] No. […]

How to Play Ice Hockey : The Defensive Zone in Ice Hockey

30.Alright, now we’re in the defensive zone. Let’s say you want to protect the puck from the forwards, from getting the puck in the net. That’s you’re net. You try to protect that net. You try to protect your goalie. What you’re going to do, this is your left defensemen, be positioned over here. You […]

Ice Skating Tips for Beginners : Ice Skating Balance Exercises

Let’s try pushing with one foot, the other and you can swing your free leg, swing your free leg. Change the direction and the foot. Push the one with the other and swing your free leg, swing your free leg, swing your free leg. Change your leg and swing and push, swing and push and […]