How to Serve Short with Side Spin in Table Tennis

Welcome to the channel of coach EmRatThich. Today is Sunday 26 March, our Ping Sunday number 9. I will explain how to serve short in table tennis and why you should add side spin in your serve. Coach Xiao Zhan, the personal coach of Zhang Jike, is considered one of the best coach about technical […]

Why are Tennis Balls Fuzzy?

If you’ve ever watched tennis, or you’ve ever played it, you may have wondered why is the tennis ball fuzzy? Why are tennis balls fuzzy? So why are tennis balls fuzzy? No ones really asked me that question. Alright, cause I got to ask you the same question I asked everybody else: Why are tennis […]

Golf Tips : How to Put Spin on a Golf Ball

Being able to successfully use spin while in your golf game, is a very crucial factor. My name is Jared Garbett, and I’m with Echo Farms Golf and Country Club, and today I’m going to teach you how to put spin on a golf ball. You generally want to put spin on a golf ball […]

Left-Handed Golf Tips : Stance for Left-Handed Golfers

Hi! I am Jason Wyatt head golf professional here at Sunningdale Golf and Country Club and on behalf of, I am here today to show all the lefties and how to stand correctly to the golf ball. What I am going to do is take my golf club and again with the proper grip, […]

How To Play Table Tennis – Reverse Pendulum Backspin Serve

The reverse Pendulum serve is an excellent example of a serve which offers many opportunities to the server to produce different rotations It requires good control of the forearm hand and grip This tutorial is for left-handers for right-handers use the video as your mirror image Stand in the back-hand corner with your body position […]

Golf Tips for Practicing at Home : Hitting Golf Wiffle Balls: Driver

Ok. Last, but not least our driver. So, got our little home driving range with our plastic wiffle balls. I’m not going to see how I’m hitting the driver. So, usually if I’m not in a good groove I tend to fade or slice the ball more than I would like. So, this is a […]

Long Pimple Chop Block | Table Tennis | PingSkills

Hi, I’m Alois Rosario. Today we’re going to show you the long pimple chop block. If you are unsure about what long pimples are, take a look at our video on the effects of rubber. This shot is used by long pimpled players when they’re close to the table. It’s quite a defensive stroke but […]

Golf Tips & Lessons : How to Get a Golf Ball to Check Up

Hello welcome my name is Julio Nutt and I am a master instructor of the Jim McLean Golf School in Miami, Florida. In this clip we are going to talk about how to make a ball check up or how to produce back spin on the ball. It is very important to understand how the […]

How To Play Table Tennis – Backhand Drive

Hey, I’m Georgina Pota and I will show you the Backhand drive Like the Forehand Drive, back hand drives are no longer have the importance and role they once did However, they remain the irreplaceable basics for the players development The drive is a great starting point for a new player to learn the anatomic […]

Golf Course Etiquette : Removing the Ball from the Hole: Golf Course Etiquette

Hi, I’m Rich Carr from Meadia Heights Golf Club in Lancaster, PA on behalf of Expert Village. I’m going to show you how to properly take the ball out of the hole, once you’ve holed the ball. Okay, I’ve finished the hole, now how am I going to get the ball out of the hole? […]