Gareth Bale plans £700k round-the-world golf trip with pals when he retires

GARETH BALE plans to go on a £700,000 six-month round-the-world golf trip with his mates when he retires  The Real Madrid superstar, 30, believes he still has a few years left at the top  But Bale, dubbed the “Golfer” by his Bernabeu team-mates, aims to test himself on the world’s best courses with 20 of […]

How to Control the Ball After a Pass/Cross – Football Tutorial by freekickerz

Hi and welcome to a new video! My name is Konzi… …and my name is Marco. Today, we will show you how to control a ball out of the air. Enjoy the video! The first option is to control it with the inside. As usual you have to focus on the ball. Now, open your […]