The Story of Ethiopian Athletics Star Haile Gebrselassie | Legends Live On

To win the Olympics, you are special for that distance and a dream, I mean, especially a country like Ethiopia. When you win the Olympics, you are the best of the best. (LEGENDS LIVE ON HAILE GEBRSELASSIE) My father and my parent, they didn’t understand about sport, especially my father. He said to me, “Oh, […]

The Story of Beach Volleyball Legend Jackie Silva | Legends Live On

Sometimes in life I’m an attacker but, I confess, I’d rather not be an attacker all the time. (LEGENDS LIVE ON JACKIE SILVA) The Copacabana Beach was my playground. I used to play with my friends. We pretended to play like the grown-ups. There weren’t any pretensions of becoming a professional. I never thought that […]