Korea, Japan seek security cooperation under U.S. mediation `과거사 대치′ 한일 안보협력 복

Despite all these potential conflict points, there are efforts planned to diffuse the tensions. A couple of key meetings bringing together senior officials from Korea, Japan and the U.S. are scheduled to be held in Washington in the coming weeks. The U.S. hopes to bring its two key Asian allies a little closer together,… as […]

Demolition Derby: PETA’s Investigations Expose Horse-Racing Cruelty

Hi, I’m James Cromwell for PETA. I want to make a bet with you. One that I hope I lose. I’ll bet you that at least three horses will be killed on a racetrack today. Unfortunately, it’s a safe bet because every year more than one thousand horses die on racetracks across the United States. […]


I have a dress, I played for Liberec you´re late and only two? are you fucking kidding me? there you have hockey kits Hi guys welcome to the new video finally is here Fitness vs Hockey it´s fucking difficult but we are preparing to the fight against Vsetín today so here we go hi man…where […]

Things To Do In San Francisco Bay Area: Hidden Gems- Golden Gate Fields

Golden Gate Fields is the perfect place to spend an afternoon in the San Francisco bay area. Right by the water, this scenic horse track is breezy but beautiful. Sundays are the best days to go. Because it’s dollar day. Where parking, admission, hot dogs, beer and soda are only $1 each. If you’re feeling […]

Kent State’s Ice Hockey Club

I would say one of the biggest difference between a varsity sport verses a club sport is there’s no athletic scholarships involved for our players. They come to Kent State and any kind of academic money they can earn is all through their own. And what kind of grades they have coming out of high […]

Off-Ice Hockey Drill to Improve Your Skating Immediately

Here we have skater box jumps for height. We are jumping on one foot in the middle, you can use a box, you can use a bench, or anything that you have. We are just going to be jumping up to the other side landing with your other leg on top of the box. Here […]

Table Tennis Spin Serves

What’s up guys! We are Pongfinity Today we will be doing trick serves. One bounce on all 4 tables. Nice If you are looking for a really great Christmas present idea Go check out our Pongfinity hoodies They are warm, comfortable and look great. Don’t forget to subscribe and check out our previous videos there! […]


‘Some girls look innocent. They don’t do any mischief.’ ‘They just see those who do it and enjoy it.’ ‘They maintain decency.’ ‘Some girls do mischief..’ ‘..but they know where to draw the line.’ ‘Some girls look like angels.’ ‘They have all the beauty in the world.’ ‘And they present their beauty only to that […]

Ski and snowboard race to the bottom – Red Bull Home Run Sweden 2011

We are back here in Are for Red Bull Home Run. This is my favorite event, I won it a year ago. There are more people now, I’m going to ski away from 350 people. It will be harder this year, Petter Nortugh is here. There are professionals here as well as regular skiers and […]

#1 Skating Drill – Off-Ice Hockey Training

Here we have 45-degree bounce you are going to bounce out at a 45 degree angle again. Excellent for hockey explosiveness, skating stride, skating power and really good. And here we’re going for distance. So we’re going to be down in a low position knee bend 90 degrees, exploding out, landing, recoiling down in 90 […]