Flirting & My Stories

I promised you a flirting animation in the last video, so here you go. BURPITY BURRRR Big shocker…I don’t like it. *Chuckle* I’m assuming you all guess, based on my personality, That I’m not one to partake in (SEDUCTIVELY) “swooning” someone over with charming words of flattery…. I don’t think I have ever flirted in […]

What my trip to Japan was like

In October I went on the first vacation I’ve been on with my family in… years. My dad works super hard all the time, so normally it would be either my brother, mom, and me… Or just me and my mom. And even those vacations became pretty sparse. It’s been over 10 years since we’ve […]

Things that Freak Me Out

Jadien: you may or may not have picked up on this yet but I’m not the most confident, brave… “WOAH! HEY! LOOK AT ME! I’M THE TOTALLY BEST!” Kind of person. I’m shy, and nervous, and self-conscious, and uh… PSSSHH mess There’s a lot of bigger, important things that I worry about… But I’m just […]

I’m Totally a Skating Pro

A couple months ago, I went to visit the college campus I planned on attending. I really liked it! Pretty scenery, good art classes :3 But the campus is really big, and the students are known to ride bikes and skateboard to their class in order to get there quicker. That’s when I decided I’d […]

Sportz (ft. JaidenAnimations)

(By the fans for the fans) Sports and I, don’t really get along. Well, at least in the second grade. I was very accident prone as a kid. No matter what game was being played; I knew, I was gonna get hit in the head with a ball. It didn’t even matter if I was […]

Things about Relationships I wish someone told me about

People are so complicated that most of us don’t even understand our feelings and thoughts half the time. Yet, here we are. 7.5 billion of us stuck on this rock, having to interact with each other, everyone with different goals and values and beliefs, and we all gotta try and get along. And also some […]