⚽ Liverpool Everton Stadium Tour – Anfield vs Goodison Park

Hi guys welcome to another episode of ultimate bucket list I’m wearing my Manchester United shirt let’s go noise some people in Liverpool Liverpool and Everton two Giants of English football these clubs are situated less than a mile apart from each other and there’s no rhyme or reason as to why you would pick […]

We Are Liverpool: This Means More

This is Anfield. These are our streets. These are our routines. This is our home. These are our Saturdays, our nights after school. These are our colours, our flags, our pubs, our gates, our mates, our crest, our words which stand alone. This is the man who started it all. And this was his favourite […]

Sheffield United vs Liverpool | Wijnaldum volley wins it for the Reds

Two on two here. It’s Oliver McBurnie. And straight at Adrian. And it comes to Gini Wijnaldum. It was a horrible miscue anyway. That’s Fleck, and here’s Robinson! That’s perhaps a better chance than he made of it in the end. But here’s Salah winning it back. He just almost tried to almost cushion it […]

LIVERPOOL CROWNED EUROPEAN CHAMPIONS! | Tottenham 0-2 LFC | Champions League Highlights

That’s an early ball for Sadio Mane. The ball wouldn’t quite fall for him – there’s an appeal for a penalty! It IS a penalty. Brilliant response! Liverpool lead early in the Champions League final. That’s Henderson for Alexander-Arnold. He’s gonna have a go! That’s not far away, you know. Liverpool flooding forward, it’s Andrew […]

Chelsea vs Liverpool: Alexander-Arnold scores a screamer & Firmino nets again | HIGHLIGHTS

JOHN BRADLEY: After an impressive start it’s Alexander-Arnold! Absolutely emphatic. That’s a decent ball by Christensen, and Abraham has broken the offside trap and is in on goal… Super save. Adrian stood tall and stood big, and keeps Liverpool in front. It’s gonna spin for Willian, who’s in. Oh, some save by Adrian, but it’s […]

Inside Anfield: Liverpool 3-1 Newcastle Utd | Exclusive behind-the-scenes TUNNEL CAM from Reds win

Morning. Hiya, Mo. Jürgen, it’s been a great start, is the challenge today to maintain the intensity after an international break? Yeah, it was a break for me, not for the players, but a rhythm break of course, it’s always like this, but it’s the same for all of us, so we don’t have to […]

Jürgen Klopp surprises Jamie Webster and sings ‘Allez, Allez, Allez’ in Michigan

♫ ..and it burns, burns, burns… ♫ CHEERING What do we say to this, eh? Seeing as the boss is here… Seeing as this man is here, I think there’s only song we can leave him with, isn’t there? The story about this song, I was at Porto away, in the stadium in Portugal, and […]