What’s in My Golf Bag? WITB | My EDC | Mr. Short Game Golf Clubs

all right today is going to be an exciting that’s not gonna be that excites sort of exciting well a lot of you been asking for it so let’s go alright thanks for stopping by glad you’re part of the journey a lot of people been asking me what’s in my bag so I’m gonna […]

Playing Golf at One of the Finest Courses in the World Sherwood Country Club!

right now I’m in one of the finest Clubhouse locker rooms ever today’s going to be a fantastic day I’m playing in a charity tournament the first two you asked me to come out show you guys around so in case you haven’t noticed we’re at Sherwood Country Club today for the first tee charity […]

Sk8r Boi, or Tony Hawk, Skate 2, and Kinaesthetics – Games, Etc.

For years, the Tony Hawk Franchise dominated the skateboarding corner of gaming. Sure, there have been a handful of games that fed off the Tony Hawk hype train, but they unabashedly derived their design from that series. Grind Session (2000) MTV Sports: Skateboarding (2000) ESPN X Games Skateboarding (2001) Disney Sports Skating (2002) Evolution Skateboarding […]

Mario Tennis Aces ANALYSIS – Reveal Trailer (Secrets & Hidden Details!)

Another Nintendo Direct has come and gone, and as usual, it’s left several new games behind in its wake, and of those games just happens to be Mario Tennis: Aces on Nintendo Switch. And unlike the barebones Ultra Smash on Wii U, there’s actually stuff worth analyzing here. So it’s time to boot up the […]

Golf Course Strategy with Coach from Golfholics | Course Management

alright guys uh welcome to the channel I got this homeboy here we’re gonna go over some on course situational stuff cuz you got a good game thank you so let’s do it okay so coach if you want to see our 9 hole match jump over to golf haulage channel came down the last […]

Playing Golf With Just a 7 Iron | Mr. Short Game One Club Challenge

tin cup day that’s right now look I’m not gonna break all my clubs like him because I care too much but a 7-iron this one never let me down so the question is what can I shoot nine holes 7-iron only what do you think comment below what you think I’m gonna shoot nine […]

Is Your Hand Position Hurting Your Golf Game?

what’s up you like my new hat if you know what if you know what it’s from comment below let me know but this video is for the guy who sent me this let’s go alright so my man Marcus from Austria I believe sent me this hat for his golf group just Friday love […]

Are These the Best Irons in Golf? Ben Hogan PTx Pro Iron Review

oh my goodness oh boy that is not a is that a joke so thanks for tuning in we have the Ben Hogan PTX pro irons full review today just took the plastic off these bad boys they are lovely take a look all right so please hit that like button and subscribe to the […]

Is This The Best Golf Ball for the Money? Cut Golf Golf Ball Review

let’s go alright alright so here’s what we got going on today as always thanks for tuning in please hit that like button and subscribe to the channel if you haven’t done so already hit the bell so you don’t miss anything good folks over at cut golf sent me some balls and we’re going […]

How to Hit More Fairways with your Driver | Golf Drill for Straight Drives!

all right people are always asking me how do you control the face with your driver wouldn’t do it let’s go no you’re like you’re not even out like the driving range how are you gonna just calm down you’ll figure it out you see as we go how this is really the best way […]