You’re watching Vagabrothers, and this is the Niseko, Hokkaido, Japan. What’s up everybody? I’m Marko. You’re watching Vagabrothers, and right now I’m in the home of the world’s best powder snowboarding: Hokkaido, Japan. I am so stoked. I have just come all the way from California to the northernmost island of Japan, Hokkaido. My friends […]

Meet the NEW YORK Urban Skaters

this is the best hoodie I’ve ever had it’s so plush on the inside you don’t even want to wear a shirt you put it on and it’s like I like pilla do ya ola YouTube my name is Ricardo lino and I am a wheel addict, I’m in New York we’re on the train […]

Downhill Inline Skating and Skateboarding almost goes wrong.

ola youtube my name is Ricardo Lino and I’m wheel addict it’s Sunday morning it’s about 6:30 a.m. 6:30 a.m. I’m waiting for mo and a few more guys and we’re about to go downhill we are in Signal Hill which is one of the mountains in Cape Town you can see the city down […]

DJI Osmo Pocket test – Vlogging and Skating

ola youtube my name is ricardo lino and im a wheel addict I’m using right now this thing it’s called the Osmo pocket and it’s a new camera from DJI that orms which is the store in Cape Town that you should already know if you’re watching these videos let me use for a few […]

Dutch Hockey Hero Aims to Transform a Young Kenyan Team | The Z Team

8 FAILING TEAMS You weren’t supposed to do that 8 OLYMPIAN SUPER COACHES 1 WEEK TO MAKE A DIFFERENCE – Now we wake up! Out! OUT! Mount Kenya University Ladies Hockey Team are a hockey team in trouble. I can’t say we are at our best just for now, but we are trying to come […]

Cricket Live: ZIM 78 All out, SA 198 a/o South Africa vs Zimbabwe 2nd ODI online match stream

South africa zimbabwe south africa vs zimbabwe cricket match online today online streaming

finally skating the ROCES M12 Team Sesame aggressive inline skates

ola YouTube my name is Ricardo lino and a wheel addict this guy right here who are you I’m Greg humbled like the blade life boss whoa and that’s which so we got a Monroe Pimentel aka switch Ricardo lean with the sodium shield which is me and Greg TAFE Oh what’s the last name […]

The Lion That Plays Football

AGNES: I’m Agnes Mululeke, the curator at Johannesburg Zoo, I’m in charge of carnivore section. So I am looking after all the big and hairy and scary animals. AGNES: Triton is our male white lion, he’s pure white, he’s not a carrier of Tony coloured genes, he was bred here in Johannesburg Zoo and hand […]

$1.000.000 for a Hole in One! THE MOST EXTREME GOLF HOLE IN THE WORLD!

Hi my name is Pete Richardson And I’m going to show you the most extrem golf hole in the world! Welcome to Legend Golf and Safari Resort in Limpopo South Africa. When you play the extreme 19th There is no golf buggies taking you to the hole. This is the way you travel. This is […]