Switched at Birth | Behind the Scenes | Field Hockey 101 | Freeform

This is me…giving it my all. Okay! Let’s get you to the net. When I first heard about the field
hockey storyline, I thought there’s no way I’m involved in that because I’ve been on this show for three
years and surely the writers understand that whatever they write in any physical activity for me, it ends horribly. BAY! What was that?! I was really nervous
when I first heard we were doing field hockey but it’s been really fun! DAPHNE! Eye on the ball! Sorry! I’m sorry! We had our first practice and I was
terrible! We had a second practice and I was TERRIBLE and then I started to get a
little bit better and better and better. That’s it! Good Job! Now I can dribble and I can hit the ball hard. It’s a difference between baseball and golf – kind of like a little mix. First of all looking at you at you this way we have to hold it this way and that’s for the push passes
and we’re walking cris-crossed like this so then when you actually making a score
which I do break very often, you hold it this way as if it’s a
baseball/glove. And passing you either pass across from you or behind so again make sure you look. Eyes up! Eyes up! Eyes up! I was pretty on par beforehand and during picking out who is going to be what as far as talent level and in field
hockey. Vanessa’s terrible. As we all thought that she would be…
including her. I can’t. I try. I don’t…I can’t aim at all. I have terrible terrible aim. See, this is why you have me on the bench. Katie is great you know. She’s an athletic girl and she can do a
little bit every kinda sports.
Bianca’s great fitting thelevel of talent with her character, you know. She’s killing it out there. Considering the fact that we’ve only been playing two months, I think we’re pretty good. So uh, where’d you learn that?
It’s called you YouTube. Okay, uhh, let see what you two can do with some give and goes.

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