surfing and snowboarding in Greece: A GREAT GREEK ADVENTURE

A snowboard and surf trip to Greece has been on my mind for a couple of years. And with the worst winter to hit the Alps in decades and the record snowfall in Greece in Januray, … … the decision to leave Switzerland was easy. My relationship with Greece began in the early 80ies, … … when my family spent their summer holidays in this beautiful country. Somewhere deep in the back of my mind, I always knew about Greek mountains and waves. And it almost looks like I was already planning something back in 1984. When Roman came up the first time with “the great greek adventure”, well, I thought: “well, that’s another mad thing”. A lot of Roman’s ideas are not gonna take place soon, So I thought I have time. But then, in January I saw snowfall in Greece and I started realizing this is not a long term plan. This is going to be seriously soon. The two of us were a couple of days early and the timing was just perfect to hit some waves before meeting Janne & Gabe in the snow. When Roman asked me to join his snowboarding adventure in Greece, first, I was a little bit sceptical: Snowboarding in Greece, who thinks about that? Not that many people, but seems that Roman does. And after some research and a lot of internet browsing and talking to people, we actually found some really good terrain around here. When you think about snowboarding in Greece, It’s not a vacation. It’s not your typical snowboarding… “Let’s go to a nice hotel and have good dinner every night.” No, you’re wrong. It’s a proper on adventure: Long days, lots of driving, and takes an effort to everyone in the group. I heard about it from Roman and Janne… … that they go on a trip in Greece … late summer last year. And I was thinking: “Greece doesn’t sound like powder snow and crazy mountains”. But you’ve heard that there is a mountain range. I rarely – in the back of my mind knew – that they have mountains which go up to 3’000m. Maybe… so why not? But I was still a bit sceptical. And the more I thought about it I said: “Why not go for an adventure this year?”. We got here two weeks ago and so far we have been in three resorts. Riding lots of backcountry, a lot of very, very old lifts, and been very happy so far.

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