Sophie & Robbert: The Hockey Couple Who Can’t Stay Apart | A Game for Two

I am Sophie Polkamp.
I am an ex-hockey player and I won the Olympics twice. When I was nine, my parents
made me play hockey. I wasn’t so keen on that. My sister and brothers
played hockey, so it was logical I would, too. So then I really started
to enjoy it. My name is Robbert Kemperman. I’m a professional hockey
player and European Champion. I started when I was five. I just played with my friends
on the street. I often practised
with my father. That’s how it all started. My greatest achievements
in hockey are… winning gold twice
at the Olympics. Yes, those are the biggest… the things
I love remembering best. Winning gold at the Olympics
twice was special, and now that I stopped, I realise that it is not
for everyone, what we achieved. As a team this was
a very special achievement. I became European Champion
in London, last summer. But the final goal is Tokyo,
in four years. It’s still a long way, but that’s where I want
to perform at my best. Hockey is the most beautiful
thing on earth for me. Hockey is my life. It’s the biggest challenge and
yes, I could say it’s my love. At the World Championship
in 2010 we lost in the finals
against Argentina. When we came back
from Argentina, the press was very negative
about us. We won gold
at the Olympics in 2008. They expected us
to win gold again. We came home with silver,
which wasn’t good enough, and that was tough on us. Before the Olympics in 2012
I had a severe back injury. That period before we went
to the Olympics was very hard, as I wasn’t sure whether
I was going to be OK to do it. When the selection for
the Olympics was announced, my coach called me. As he called everybody. He immediately said
I was going. That was a very emotional
moment for me, because I… I wasn’t sure I was going
to make it or not. So I had a good cry and I was
over the moon I was going. My hardest moment in sport was
last summer. That still hurts. To become fourth
at the Olympics, when you’ve worked
so hard for it… I’m still sort of mourning. It’s tough
to leave that behind me. Sophie was very sweet. She
really was a big help for me. It was great to have her around when I was going
through that rough patch. What I would like to change in
the way Robbert plays hockey? He should care less
about what others will say. He is very good, but he doesn’t
always realise just how good. I wouldn’t change much
about Soof as a sportswoman. She has won
all there was to win. Why would I want to change
such a fantastic career or such a sportswoman?
She is a winner. Robbert is
a very technical player and a real team player. He is always
thinking of the team, making sure it’s working well. He is a real leader
when playing. He can do very special things
with the ball that I’m not capable of at all. Sophie was one of the best defenders
in the world, I think. You didn’t want her
as your opponent. A fantastic sportswoman.
She won almost everything. I think she did win
all there was to win that I’m proud of and I secretly feel
a bit envious about it too. The first time I saw Robbert
was at hockey. He was younger, so I didn’t
really pay attention to him. I met Soof… I already
knew her for a long time, through hockey. We didn’t
really meet, understandably, as we are six years apart. But we bumped into each other
in a pub one day and… Robbert asked if I felt like
going out for a drink with him. I was quite surprised
at first, but… I guess that was
our first date, really. I don’t care
we’re six years apart. I’m not mature for my age and Soof is younger
than she looks… than she is, so in that sense
we match very well. In the beginning I was bothered by the fact Robbert
is younger than me. It really made me doubt
if I should do it. But this was the first time
I saw her away from hockey. So in that sense
it was love at first sight. So I decided
just to get over it and now I don’t notice
our age difference. Everything is just great. Robbert is very calm,
very sweet and caring. And we laugh a lot together. I feel like
I want to spend every day and every second
of the day with him. I don’t know if Robbert wants
to change something about me. He might say he would like me
to be a bit more tidy. He’s quite tidy, so that is
something he might mention. If I had to change something
about Soof… Sometimes
we find it hard to decide where we shall have dinner
or lunch, things like that. It would help if she could
just make her mind up. It would save a lot of time. The things I’d change
about Robbert is that he should express
himself more. With everyone, and with me. He should learn how to use
the washing machine, he’s not good at that. I can be
a bit jealous sometimes, but so can Robbert, thankfully. I am a little bit jealous, yes.
But in a healthy way. It’s not good
for your relationship if you’re not jealous at all. I’m sure Robbert and I
will stay together forever. – What do we like doing?
– Go out on the boat. Yes, that is nice,
here in Amsterdam. It’s a lounge on the water, with friends,
something to eat and drink. I love it, too. It’s one of
the things I love doing best. Who cooks? I can cook up
a few good dishes, but you are
a better cook than I am. I always want to get involved.
I just love… I like cooking together, too. I probably cook a bit more,
but that’s OK, I like doing it. When I cook, you always look
over my shoulder. I can’t really do my thing. In the beginning
we felt uncertain about it, as we are six years apart. That has certain consequences. We had to think
about it carefully. We tried to break up
a few times, but… – That didn’t work.
– No. But it paid off,
because we’re still together. Absolutely.
We tried about six times to… delete each other’s
phone numbers, unfriend on Facebook… and stop looking
what the other was doing. But we couldn’t stay away
from each other. (A GAME FOR TWO –

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