Slap Shot (9/10) Movie CLIP – Old-Time Hockey (1977) HD

Slap Shot (9/10) Movie CLIP – Old-Time Hockey (1977) HD

– OK. Let’s get some speed out there.
– Cement-heads. Keep your eyes open. Better passing. Better passing.
We got a big period coming up out there. Try to come back with the wingers,
maybe. Tonight’s the night. – Who wants ice packs here?
– Charlie, over here! We need
some more coordination out there. – Keep your eyes open. Better passing. I’m comin’! I’m comin’! – All right. All right.
– Mother of God. I want a big rally this period. A big rally. – We’re losin’!
– Teamwork, guys. More teamwork. They’re buryin’ us alive! – Eddie Shore?
– Oh, piss on Eddie Shore. – Old-time hockey?
– Piss on old-time hockey! You’re blowin’ it! Boys. Every scout in the NHL is out there tonight
with contracts in their pocket, and they’re lookin’ for talent, for winners! Oh! All my years of publicity! All the fashion shows,
the radiothons, for nothing? They come here tonight… to scout the Chiefs! The toughest team in the Federal League! Not this bunch of… pussies! Scouts? This is more like it.
It just makes me feel real glad to see the Chiefs back on the warpath
again… to coin a phrase.

93 thoughts on “Slap Shot (9/10) Movie CLIP – Old-Time Hockey (1977) HD

  1. My gosh, one of the greatest character actors there ever was….Strother Martin….Man, I used to love him in every movie that he was in! It makes me want to try acting he made it look so fun……

  2. Yes, man, it probably is….It is absolutely hilarious….That guy had it down….His characters, their quirkiness, and every performance, I don't care how small, one remembers this dude……Even his brief appearance in "Nevada Smith" is lol funny….the bathtub, the girls….funny, funny….He could also play "mean" and "crazy" too, which are disturbing and real…What an actor period…..thanks…I miss these actors….and its not because of nostalgia, but because of their talent….

  3. I played this right after the Bruins were down 1-0 after the 1st period in game 2 against the BlackHawks!!! It worked!!!! I'll keep doing this if the B's keeping going down during the rest of the Stanley Cup Finals?!?!

  4. yeah he had some great scenes with cheech and chong too and some great scenes in westerns – can't recall the movies.

  5. On top of everything else with this classic film, Strother Martin was phenomenal and is fantastic in this scene!

  6. NEVER get on the ice in your shoes to fight someone on skates! One of the first rules of hockey we learn here in Northern Ontario.

  7. You know what I never got….how does the team, especially Reggie not know that there are scouts from the NHL there? Wouldn’t that be something the coach would have to know about??

  8. the goalie is sooooooooooo John Gibson facing 44 shots 30 in 2nd period after 2 periods vs the Dallas Stars tonight lol;

  9. Amazing how we can still laugh at this over 40 years later. Great scene -I wonder if Strother Martin ad libbed this scene. The guys keeping a straight face must have been tough.

  10. When you and the squad all reunite to go out and get savage like you did in your 20s, But now you’re all hard into your 30s and adulting, and this is how ya’ll come home after now.

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