– Hello Adam Bazalgette back
here in Naples, Florida. I’m two time PGA Teacher of the
Year Award winner down here, longtime David Leadbetter Associate. Today’s subject, Golf Wedge Play! How to get great wedge
play in the game of golf. Let’s check it out! (upbeat percussion music) So golf wedge play! I’m going to show you
a couple of the things that you have to be
able to do if your gonna to be an effective wedge player and then were going to show
you a really, really, fun drill something I did as a kid,
that can help build skillsets. Things you can take to the golf course. If you like the video please
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internet lessons with me. Okay, let’s check it out. Okay, so there’s two things
or certainly two main things that you have to do to
be a good wedge player. This is a gap wedge here, we’ll
hit some shots in a minute number one, you have to be
able to make solid contact. Fat, thin shots, obviously
no good but more than that when your playing you have to deal with a little bit different
lies and when you’ve got all the loft of the wedge,
it takes a little bit of savy to deal with them. So, you’ve got tight lies,
fluffy lies et cetera. So solid contact, solid
contact off different lies and the other thing you
have to be able to do is through impact you have to be able to deliver consistent loft. I promise you so many people
their thrashing at the ball their loft is changing all the time. A sand wedge goes a lot different distance than a pitching wedge so,
their contact is unstable, their ability to control
distances, is not very good and it’s at best hit
and miss when they get close to the hole. Now, what this requires is skill to manage the club at
speed requires some skill. So I’m going to give you, I
think, a really cool drill to help you to develop skill, for just a moment here though lets have a closeup look at the lies and how you need to deal with
them a little bit differently then we’ll jump back out and we’ll show you the drill. So, sweet spot of the
golf club about here. It’s not at the bottom,
so with a lot of loft and not much cushion on the
ball, I need forward lean for sweet spot contact. That means I need some
downward hit to hit it solidly. If the ball is sitting up
more in the fluffy grass and I hit down too much,
I’m gonna hit the ball too high on the club face and believe me that will rob you of some distance. So I need to be able to hit a little more of a brushing stroke here, a little more of a
descending stroke there, if the balls sitting down in some rough I have to hit
down more to get the sweet spot down against the ball. They’re moderate adjustments
but if you don’t have the skill and the savy to read the
lie, and do them a little bit your gonna get some mishits
that will definitely affect your distance even if
there not drastic mishits. Okay, so lets talk about
a drill to build skill. What we’ve been dealing with
is the ability to mount, to hit solid shots, whether
the ball is sitting up or the ball needs to be trapped a bit more against the fairway. How do we build that skill? The reality is, the mind learns best when it contrasts things playfully. Now, I was watching Golf Channel, Martin Hall was interviewing Rocco Mediate out at a golf course. He doesn’t teach Rocco, but it
was an interesting interview and Rocco was talking about
getting lessons as a youngster on wedge play up I Pittsburgh,
from a guy call Jim Ferree, former Tour Player and they
gave him a skill building drill. It struck my eye A. Cause it was fun but B. I used to do this with my friends, just for the sake of it when I was young and it did build a lot of skill. As I say the brain
learns best by contrast, here is the drill Rocco said,
every, relatively so often, Jim Ferree would have him
top the ball on purpose without changing his swing per se to feel what high felt like versus low. Now you may say that’s
a little ridiculous. I promise you it’s not that
easy to do but if you can do it you really start to take
some ownership over the ball and over where the
bottom of your swing is. Now when I was a junior sometimes, we didn’t have absolutely unlimited access to the golf course because members were out there playing so we had competitions, who
could hit the biggest slice, who could do this, but the badge of honor, the cherry of all cherries
was who could top it with a full swing and hit it the shortest because to do that you have
got to really be precise with the bottom of your swings. So let’s have a go! No changing golf, swing I’m going to try and hit the very top of the ball. I did too, I moved it,
that would have won me a championship there
in my junior golf days. Now the next shot, I’m gonna
go in here, I’m gonna trap it and I’m gonna drive the ball forward, you can see I took a little divot, pretty nice wedge shot there. I could walk over to the rough here with that skillset and just
pick it off there a little bit. So, that takes skill, I
don’t know how I did it, I just know I wasted a lot
of time as a junior golfer playing around with it. Practice this though and your gonna see, your gonna develop some
ownership, your not just gonna have a tip on good wedge play. Lets have a look at trajectory, we’ll check it from this angle. Okay, so gap wedge, I’m kinda at an intermediate distance here about 90, 95 yards or so. So again, I can practice
trajectory control. If I can take the proper or
similar divot back to back times it means I’m leaning
the shaft the same way, I’m reaching the bottom of
the swing in a similar fashion and really even if your the driving range what would tell you that
is consistent sort of divot pattern and you look up
and see the ball coming off you know at about the same trajectory. So lets hit a couple little shots here, kind of intermediate distance for me, pretty decent hit there. Lets try another one, again pretty decent consistent divot, consistent sort of trajectory,
so I know I am able to control my loft. Which is tied in as I say,
to consistent striking of the ball. Believe me if you can control
the bottom of your swing, if you play around with it a little bit if you can handle the different lies and if you an hit shots
at a similar trajectory with similar divots, you
can be a good wedge player. I hope that helps you with golf and specifically great wedge play. If you like the channel,
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  1. Hi, i play off 3 and i struggle to hit the ball low with a fade? I can draw the ball low. But fading would be better i think?

  2. Adam, so glad that I found your YouTube channel as you're an incredible instructor and have really helped me with the squaring and de-lofting my irons to hit more consistent shots. This video on wedges is particularly interesting as Jim Ferree is my father and Rocco is a great family friend. Dad and I got such a kick out of watching this as he always does the "top the ball" trick in all of his exhibitions and it's always a big hit. You and Dad have very similar teaching styles especially when it comes to talking about how important it is to have the left writs bowed at impact. Dad wanted me to reach out and say thanks for all of the great videos, I have them teed up on his smart TV and they're helping him remember what he already knows lol. If there's any way he could get in touch with you directly, he wanted to write you a note (he's old school). Thanks again and hopefully I can get you two in touch.

  3. Bloody marvellous video and such a great drill, never seen that before, you never cease to amaze me with your instruction Adam, top manπŸ‘πŸ‘

  4. That's funny, I used to practice that all the time. Rarely do I get such a fantastic result. That was cool!!! Gotta start practicing that drill again. I will make sure I have a lot of yardage in front of me.

  5. That was one of the coolest things Ive seen! I will definitely try that out but with no one within 150ds in front of me. Blade city…

  6. Cool video Adam. Certainly brings back memories of my junior golf days. One of the kids in our junior group could make the ball go backwards which was pretty impressive.
    As always your videos are a pleasure to watch
    Best regards

  7. I wish I had found your channel earlier! You do a great job of simplifying this complex sport for me to fix the problems that I had hitting behind the ball. Even after all the money that I spent on lessons and hitting the range. Do you have any recommendations on instructors in Southern California or do you host clinics in FL?

  8. Thank you for the consistently great content. I appreciate your combination of extreme thoroughness and depth mixed with concise dialogue and high-quality video. Excellent work as always.

  9. Another really helpful video Adam.. To be able to top the ball deliberately like that shows some quite extraordinary skills, and just reminds us all once again, just how good Pro's are.

  10. i seem to have a major dispersion of everything left of the hole and slightly short on wedge shots . my main miss is left

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