Shoot Like an ELITE Hockey Player – Elite Snap Shot Tip

Shoot Like an ELITE Hockey Player – Elite Snap Shot Tip

So here we’re going to the proper
shooting mechanics for the snapshot and the wrist shot. We are just going to talk about it real quickly here, just a refresher. The main key that we are
going to talk about always is your hands, getting your hands
away from your body. The reason for that is if your hands enclosed to your
body here you are using just your bottom hand to shovel the park or to try to get
momentum of the puck. You are just using your bottom hand. If you use your top and get it
away from your body and both your hands work together what’s going to happen is when this top
and pulls back you can see I’m starting to get that flex on my stick. My top hand is pulling back and I’m
starting to get that flex on my stick. Now if I rotate my bottom hand through
as my top hand pulls out that’s going to create that whipping
motion that’s really really gonna give you the power they are looking for. And what that does
is that gives you the ability to get a quick release.
Because here if my hands are out and my hands are working together and I
release that puck, I am going to be able to get a quick release
compared to having to bring my stick all the way back here to generate that power. I just get my
hands out use my top hand snaps back to my hip, my bottom hand snaps through and that’s
how I’m generating my quick release. So, here I am going to show you a couple time just in full speed. My hand are out away from my body, my top hand is going to snap back to my hip, my bottom hand is going to snap through. My hands are away from my body, top hand snaps back, bottom hand snaps too and that’s really
going to create that flex on your stick. Compared to just using that bottom hand if
my top hand is in here and I am just using that bottom hand, then I’m not getting much power. This is where you are generating your power from. That’s how you generate
that quick release that NHL shot. The next thing that I want
you to focus on is where that puck is on your stick, so
ideally you want to have that puck in the top 30
of your stick here. You don’t want to have the puck back here you want to have that puck on the top 30 of your stick. What that is going to allow you to do. Again talking about putting leverage
inflex in your step. If the puck is on that top 3rd, its going to allow you to get a little leverage in low pressure on your
stick verses a bit on the heel you’re not going to get much pressure. So,
here if its on the toe, I’m going to allow myself to lean in a little bit get my hand out and generate that quick release So, here on the toe, hands out, lean and then generate that quick release. So getting that puck on the toe of your stick is really going to allow you to get your hands through your wrist through and generate that
quick release. The last thing that we are going to talk about here is just bringing that puck and where
it is setup in coordination to your body. So
when you are taking a snapshot or you are taking a risk shot you don’t want to have to bring the puck all the way back here like that. You should be able to really set puck from right in here, focusing on getting your hands out away
from your body, getting that puck on the toe of your stick and then giving a good quick release. Here puck is right in the middle of my stance, my
hands are out puck is on the top and I’m getting that good
quick release. Those are the techniques that you need to focus on to get a good quick release to use the flex of your stick, get
leverage and generate a hard shot with power
accuracy and a quick release and those are the three keys at taking a good snapshot.

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  1. Its good to be able to shoot off either leg. In a game you may have to time to shoot off of your left or right leg, and may not have time to shuffle your legs to shoot off of the specific leg you learned on. Practice both.

  2. Hey is that puck supposed to be in the front for power or is that just for a quick release or is the puck always supposed to be in the front of the blade for the snapshot and wristshot

  3. My natural grip on my stick seems to be higher than most, which, I think, has a negative effect on my shot power.  It's hard to change it now because it's a habit but I want to work on it. How far down the stick is ideal for the bottom hand? Is there a guideline or a rule to maximize shot power?

  4. I have a bauer vapor Apx2 with 60 flex and I cut it down a bit I use an intermediate and in 5 feet and when I try to flex I can't flex it on the toe honestly no matter how hard i try please help

  5. Where can I get a workout program for a team? Coaching a team this year and I've seen them last year just lazy but some potential

  6. I have trouble flexing my stick and I know it’s a good flex for me what drills do you recommend for me to get flex on my stick

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