Shaun of the Dead (3/8) Movie CLIP – She’s So Drunk (2004) HD

Shaun of the Dead (3/8) Movie CLIP – She’s So Drunk (2004) HD

In the garden, there is a girl. ‘… the armed forces will be called in
to provide backup and assistance. ‘Scientists are still trying to establish
the nature of the phenomenon ‘and are unsure as to the… ‘ Excuse me. Excuse me. Hello. – What are you doing?
– Oi! Oh, my God. She’s so drunk. How much have you had, love? – Oh! I think she likes you.
– Shut up. – She wants a cuddle!
– I’ve just come out of a relationship. – Ed, do something!
– Wait there. – Ed!
– Two seconds. I’m really flattered and everything but… And, hold it there. Ed! Just get her off me. Jesus! – What’s up with her eyes?
– Now, seriously… Mary, I’m warning you,
I’ll have to get physical, I mean it! This is it… Look, just fuck off! – I think we should go back inside.
– OK. – Shaun, what’s going on?
– Shit, it’s engaged. – How about an ambulance?
– It’s engaged, Ed. – Fire engine?
– It’s one number and it’s busy! – And what do you want a fire engine for?
– Anything with flashing lights. Are they still out there? Yeah. What do you think we should do? Have a sit-down? ‘There are reports of chaos
on the motorways ‘as thousands of people
attempt to flee the cities.

100 thoughts on “Shaun of the Dead (3/8) Movie CLIP – She’s So Drunk (2004) HD

  1. Zombieland, Shaun of the Dead, Dawn of the Dead (2004), and Night of the Living Dead are the only good zombie movies out there.

  2. I’m British and can admit this is how we’d handle things.
    We’d only go full Shitty American Action Zombie 90s film style when the tea runs out.
    THAT is going to start a panic.

  3. If she was just drunk and not a zombie and she got impaled, than Shaun would be guilty of murder or they could say he attacked in self defense.

  4. Mate,i remember watching this as a child over Easter😂 if you're not British you won't understand why we do that

  5. I learned more about british people from this movie than I did throughout all of high school history classes

  6. You've always got to keep half an eye on Nick Frost's facial expressions in these movies. The expression on his face at 1:42 is priceless!

  7. Nobody's asked the obvious question yet so allow me, exactly how did the zombie girl get into their backyard to begin with?

  8. I’ve watched the cornetto trilogy so many times and I laugh every time at each scene, but this is by far one of my favourite bits 😂❤️

  9. Britain: 'lets have a sit down."
    America: shoots with a gun and nukes it then runs out of the house then the house explodes

  10. Even for a zombie movie this is totally ridiculous.
    The inept characters are so annoying I started
    hoping they would all get bitten as soon as possible.
    Not funny, just totally grating.

  11. I love how after they see the big zombie, it just cuts to them inside. It’s like “Yeah, we know they’re faster than the zombies, they’re obviously going to make it inside.”

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