Salomon The Ultimate Ride – 2019 Snowboard Review

Salomon The Ultimate Ride – 2019 Snowboard Review

Hi I’m Rob from Snowtrax, and this is the Salomon ultimate ride. I don’t even know where to begin with this board.First of all if you’re rocking a panther and lightening bolts on your snowboard you have got to be on it! This board demands that you’re on it and when I road it it’s so fun it really wants you to up your game and a lot of the tech in this board just really rewards more powerful rider it’s all about the quads, you’ve got quad camber and quadriliser sidecut so the sidecut it’s one of Salomon’s deeper side cuts that really enables you to really lay the power down into the turns quad camper it’s a slightly more aggressive camera shape from Salomon, again really really powerful aggressive shape that works together with the quadriliser side cut to enable you to get most edge grip impossible in terms of shaping yeah a little bit weird in the tip and tail definitely hints to a more aggressive side of the board, if a panther and lightening doesn’t quite do enough this is more kind of top-end all-mountain freestyle – a bit more Mountain that’s the type of ride and I did with it for freestyle tend to prefer a little bit more forgiveness yeah I mean unless you’re riding really really serious booters this is slightly more aggressive board so it’s not going to offer the forgiveness that maybe something like a Villain would, but rewards yeah if you push it hard down mountain edge grip similar to Salomon speed plate which is an absolute weapon really felt elements of that when I was laying it on the edge of this board down really steep reds and blacks it didn’t twitch about it just felt like it wanted to go faster in terms of sort of like float yeah ample amounts of float worked in the soft snow as well so as an all-rounder as a statement yeah this works and it’s hard not to overlook it so I’ll probably be riding one of these this season, I invite you to do the same

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  1. what size would you recommend? 6'0", 175lb. Would you take this board out on a moderate pow day (6-10") or would you opt for another board? I'm looking for a good all around board and was debating between this and the Salomon Speedway. Ive got the Assassin Pro right now, but yeah, looking to add to the quiver. Also have a Sickstick split board that I could potentially take out on a big deep resort pow day, but yeah its a split. I love the Burton Flight Attendant, so looking for something similar to that in the Salomon line. Let me know your thoughts! Thanks

  2. Nice review, keep it up! Looking at getting this board, which size would you recommend for someone 5'5 170lbs with 9.5US size boots? Thanks.

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