Salchow Jump – Figure Skating Lessons!

Salchow Jump – Figure Skating Lessons!

master this and you’ll be doing doubles
in no time hey guys I’m Mary welcome back to my
channel today we’re gonna master the salchow jump hope you guys are ready
for this one for the salchow jump is really important to remember to check
the three turn see how my my knees are nice and soft that’s going
to give me the power I need for my salchow jump after we do the three turn
we’re going to be on a nice back inside edge at this point we’re gonna bend the
knee we’re gonna press press press we’re pivoting
our goal is to jump outside the circle so if you notice my left foot is
following the red circle the right foot I’m jumping outside of this circle the
Salchow jump is very simple just like the waltz jump so if you have a good waltz
jump you can definitely do the salchow jump remember nice
back inside edge Bend Bend Bend these arms are going to bend and go through the back leg the free you are going to pivot pivot pivot see how my knee goes up nice in the
air I like to call this my H position when you’re jumping when you come
through in the axel in the salchow you’re like this the higher you get this
knee think about it being perpendicular to the ice you’re going to get some nice
big jump try to hit that toe pick I’m gonna forget about my H positions you can see
how teeny-tiny this jump can get if you forget to take off I did land a jump it
was teeny tiny because a) I think why you hit that toe pick on my left leg and b) I
didn’t quite get that free like always so here is an example of me really
concentrating on getting up in the air before thinking about rotating in Figure Skating we always want to
remember to show off our landing so remember to land I’m slightly beneath
the shoulders smile hold that free leg notice my landings
not like this ugly my foot is turned out roughly in the 45 degree angle right
legs nice and best we’re gonna show off and try and hold our landing for at
least three seconds the other entrance to do a salchow is with a mohawk the Mohawk
is nice because it forces you to check especially for those who have trouble
checking and end up spinning around their circle Oh hope you guys liked this video be
sure to give me a thumbs up and subscribe to my channel and social media
for more skating videos the toe loop is next see you guys next time you

12 thoughts on “Salchow Jump – Figure Skating Lessons!

  1. This is great! Gave me lots of new things to think about and try out at the rink this weekend. I need to clean up that three turn and what I'm doing with my free leg. I currently don't put my foot back on the ice after the three turn, I'll have to give that a try. Also, my loop needs way more help than my Salchow, I can't wait for the loop video! Thanks!!!

  2. To clarify – during the take off my right free leg does not touch the ice. It skims just above it. Sorry for the confusion! Hard to see from the angle but I can do a close up next time 🙂

  3. Coach Mary, thanks for the video. I just learned the Salchow today. Your tips are helpful. Can't wait to practice this jump tomorrow.

  4. In a camp, we were learning this jump! I’ve been stuck on trying to land this for the whole week. Thank you so much for this helpful video!

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