Prolong the life of your hockey stick

Prolong the life of your hockey stick

39 thoughts on “Prolong the life of your hockey stick

  1. u should use bauer sticks there really good and way better then ccm trust me I went from ccm to bauer and I'm sticking to bauer

  2. I use one strip of black electrical tape on bottom of blade before wrapping the rest with the cloth tape. Extends time before re-taping by a lot!

  3. I bought a new Bauer Nexus 8000 stick and the bottom of the blade already broke. I had a 30 day warranty got a new one and my dad bought me a new one because he felt bad 🙂

  4. Practicing one-timers obliterates sticks. Also, i usually break the toe of my sticks. Probably from slashing and poke-checking the hell out of people while playing D.

  5. Tape is your friend for saving your stick. I started taping from the CCM logo down, all the way to the toe and it makes a huge difference. Use black tape on a black stick for the shaft and it looks pretty good. Keeps those initial chips from happening.

  6. I do a few things. for minor paint chips I use my kids nail Polish with super glue over it. for bigger areas I use moldable epoxy and the nail Polish and super glue over that. the epoxy works great on skate blade holders as well.

  7. i remember when i played hockey as a kid on my last year of playing i lost my ability to do a good wrist shot and now im thinking my blade could of been broken

  8. I broke my tacks 6092 after about 6 months of use. It was the 6092 therefore it didnt have some of the new technology as the 7092 / 2.0 but it broke along the blade. I took tons of wrist shots and 1ts/slappers. Help up pretty well for the length. Not to mention i got it on clearance from my proshop for $80 and it was 60flex p28 (thats a steal)

  9. I put a layer of cloth tape on the bottom of the blade then do a fully blade wrap. On the toe, I use electrical tape then cloth and wax. I have been experimenting with nail polish, epoxy and wax for those holes on the blade especially for the tip. It sounds strange but I do this to prevent ice/water going into the blade and the methods are working. Remember, once water seeps in the blade the fibre will rapidly disintegrate.

  10. I’ve also tried WAXing the exposed blade right before I tape it. The idea for mine was to reduce the ability of water getting into the blade

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