Pro Golfers Play Indoor Mini Golf

Pro Golfers Play Indoor Mini Golf

– I’m Rickie Fowler, team USA, and this is the Buzzfeed Office Golf Challenge (energetic horn music) (techno club music) – Flip a putter. I go first Weee, bad bounce Rickie- That could be interesting Charl- (laughing) That’s under the couch – Shit Spin geez – Stop stop, okay. Rickie- oh that took a big bounce now softly, spin, hit it. (lighthearted music) Patrick- hahaha, wow You’re struggeling – The elevator’s open, go for it now – I’m not going to a different floor (everyone laughs) – See ya! – Yeah, trashcan placement. – Come on boy! – I needed assistance on
getting around the corner. (all laughing) – Did it get through the doorway? – Ooo, go this way, I’ll do the assist. – Okay, here you go. – Fuck – Oh that’s such horseshit – What’d we get? – Charl hit you that way because
it was directed perfectly. (everyone laughing) – Go Go! – Don’t go long – I think that’s nine – You need some help, I
know you’ve been struggeling (all laughing) – You never miss these,
I don’t need to help ya – one point – Yep, one- zero (techno club music)

100 thoughts on “Pro Golfers Play Indoor Mini Golf

  1. Now this is a great video idea!

    This is the quality content I subscribed for.. not 'We Tried' videos

  2. This has restored my belief that Buzzfeed is capable of making interesting content. Hopefully they can continue to make new series occasionally and move on from strings of videos once they've made too many repeats

  3. That guy that dragged it at the end… That was a classic move that everyone who plays minigolf and gets exasperated does.

  4. This was a great video idea though i really wished it was at a mini putt course. Maybe a sequel? On the other hand I really want to understand what terms were given to these guys to even attend. Not really much more than a shout-out was given here and feels like they could be doing something better with their time. Either way this was a fantastic piece of content that I enjoyed watching.

  5. With the olympics coming up, will ya'll have more athletes in your videos? It'd be AWESOME to see Team USA figure skating team. They're a wild bunch, especially Jason Brown. You'd have a ball with him in the office. XD

  6. I'm not really a fan of golf but this was super fun and entertaining to watch. They were all having such a good time and were not fighting each other. It was fun 🙂

  7. this video was really fun and good … it was amazing to see them play , laugh and help each other … keep making such videos BuzzFeed

  8. If we could help teammates, and moving objects was allowed, I would just grab the ball and put it in the hole, or bring the hole really close

  9. What the hell was the purpose of this video? Like "oh look some world class golfers are near the area, lets invite them…"

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  11. This was really fun but, not to be a downer, they couldn't have forked up the budget to send them to a real mini golf field? At least there the environment has more control so they can actually try to utilize their skills in regular golf than trying to hit a ball in a slippery concrete floor mixed with carpet and whatever crud the Buzzfeed staff has on the floor.

  12. Buzzfeeds greatest video ever. This NEEDS to be a series and it should take place in various offices like Google HQ, Microsoft HQ, etc.

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