Pretty in Pink (4/7) Movie CLIP – Duckie Takes A Stand (1986) HD

Pretty in Pink (4/7) Movie CLIP – Duckie Takes A Stand (1986) HD

♪(the psychedelic furs
playing pretty in pink)♪ caroline laughs
and it’s raining all day ♪♪ she loves to be
one of the girls ♪♪ she lives in the place
in the side of our lives ♪♪ where nothing is
ever put straight ♪♪ she turns herself round
and she smiles and she says ♪♪ this is it,
that’s the end of the joke ♪♪ and loses herself
in her dreaming and sleep ♪

100 thoughts on “Pretty in Pink (4/7) Movie CLIP – Duckie Takes A Stand (1986) HD

  1. Nobody ever did rich prick like james spader. God, we HATED this guy in the 80's like he was real, or something! Freaking genius knack for doing villains. At least in Mannequin he was funny villain, but still. Up to no good Spader!

  2. The guy who plays Steph, is the same one who plays Morgan in Tuff Turf. Hard to believe he played a rebel who went all the way to prove his love for someone out of his league when he played a jackass in this movie.

  3. James Spader plays a great bad guy but from what I understand he was really nice and geat to work with.Loved the John Hughes movies! No one captured the time like he did. Cheers

  4. Although I understand where Duckie is coming from, If it were me, I would have been quite pissed at him ruining That Prom Poster.   Yes, what Blane did to Andie was very cruel and yes Blane was Steff's [email protected] but what Blane did is no different from what so many other guys have done to girls and vice versa.  Duckie meant well but he was a lot like Watts in Some Kind Of Wonderful and Jeannie in Ferris Bueller's Day Off.   They were so worried about the "People" in their Lives that they didn't make an effort to take care of their own lives.

  5. this is why I think Andis should have picked Duckie. Blane was an ass and wouldn't stand up for her. Duckie charges no questions asked. Andie and Duckie forever!

  6. Do you think there has ever been a high school where the dudes dressed that well? Any guy that fights that well in a white linen suit is a total keeper. Duckie and Blaine dress very well too.

  7. Reason #184849 why she should have chosen Duckie over Blaine: Even though Duckie was angry and heartbroken and was avoiding Andie, he still defended her. He always looked out for her no matter what, because he loves her, whether he likes it or not. He even says in the movie "I would have died for you". Duckie's love for Andie is so genuine that he will never stop loving her even if he knows she doesn't love him. Blaine, however, lied to Andie and avoided her phone calls, not to mention almost standing her up on their first date. Yet, all that changes when he sees her wearing a pretty dress and suddenly he "loves" her again? Please… Yes, I am mad at an 80's movie.

  8. Am I the only one that thought that teacher looked like he wanted to tell steph something for spitting on the floor at 1:19 but remembered his parents fund the school. That just shows what a jerk he was. Who spits on the school floor?

  9. Had a good friend growing up who was Blaines twin. Identical in looks and scored hundreds of women. And was more of a real life bad boy..

  10. A scene from "The Blacklist x DC Universe – Red Vs. Lex":
    To think that this whole thing started with the theft of forty cakes….

  11. We got more scenes from Ducki and Andy that the whole blane romance didn’t sell it for me. This scene proved why it should have been Duckie.

  12. Steff being embarrassed by being attacked by some nobody would join the Navy and reach the rank of Admiral but sadly would fall into a world of crime leading him to create his Blacklist.

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