(lively music) – Hi, Adam Bazalgette
here in Naples, Florida founder of Scratch Golf Academy. Wanna talk to you today about how to hit your irons pure and hit them solidly. Before you really talk about how to do it, you have to have a clear understanding of how to get the sweet spot on the ball, and why a slight
descending blow is needed. Let me show you a close up. Okay this is a seven iron on
a fairly tight fairway lie. Now I want you to notice the sweet spot is well up on the face, it’s not down at the very bottom. So if I’m gonna get the
sweet spot against the ball, I have to have the shaft
tilted forward slightly, which is the essence of a
fractionally descending blow. Any kind of backward lean and the ball’s gonna hit the club face
too low on the face. Not a solid hit. So it’s nearly a matter of forward lean and that pushes the sweet
spot against the ball. Okay I hope that close up gave you a little clearer picture as to why we have to hit slightly down on the ball to make solid contact. Now I’m going to give you an impact drill but before I do that, one little caution about the backswing. And probably it’s best if we look at a great player in motion just to set this up. Okay here’s Nice Price, one of the great ball strikers of the last 30 years or so. And this is a middle to short iron. I think it’s a six iron. Now we’ll notice as he goes back, his head is slightly behind the ball. I would say approximately in line with his left cheek or left ear. And we’ll see that his left shoulder is definitely moving behind the ball. But nonetheless, he’s
fairly evenly distributed between his ankles. He is not loaded up
against this position here. He’s maintained his
left eye over the ball, or left cheek over the ball, but he hasn’t moved
significantly in that direction. This is important for iron play because you’ve got to be able to move back to your left as you come down, as you see him doing. And you have to stay relatively centered on the backswing to make this easier. Okay, I hope seeing
Nick there helps you get a sense of where your body would wanna be on the backswing. Now, let’s talk about a
little drill you might do for the downswing. Let’s assume your backswing. And again we’ve mentioned we’re not trying to hit way down at the ball, we’re just trying to get the club to release beyond the ball, so that the bottom of
the swing is forward. Now little word on that before we talk about the release. You wanna release so that your left wrist is more delofted, or pointed down. That moves the handle forward, takes loft off the club, and it’s a lot easier to get the ball up on the club face. Plus you can press the ball better. So again, no kinda snapping
into a scoop position, snapping into a more delofted position. My suggestion as a drill, line up some golf balls, use that as a reference point and make some little practice swings. Maybe preset your weight forward and practice releasing the club, beyond the line over there. Practice ticking the turf
on that side of the line. When you feel like you’ve
got a little confidence, and again practice doing
it so that you feel like your left wrist is down. When you’ve got a little confidence, go ahead and hit a shot or two. Just a little punt shot there, and see if again your divot is in front of the line. Okay I hope that helps. So hopefully we’ve given you a concept of how to hit down on the ball or why it’s important to sense of your backswing
relationship to the ball, and at least a drill for how to use your left wrist and how to release the club on the correct side of the ball. If you like this video
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about your golf swing or anything else, put it in the box below. I’ll get to it, soon as I can. Adam Bazalgette, founder
of I hope this is helpful to you. Best of luck with your golfing. (lively music) (mouse clicks)


  1. Adam, when I try to point my left wrist down, I tend to hit hooks or pull, but I get better contact for sure. any advice?

  2. Biggest problem with instructional like this is that they are not geared toward the beginner, which are the only people watching this. Release the club? What does that mean? I hear instructors saying it all the time, but never do they explain what exactly the release is. This is pretty much standard in golf instructional. Use a bunch of jargon that a new comer won't understand, even though the newcomers are the only ones watching your video. That is what the digital generation call a FAIL. Your videos fail to teach the newcomer anything helpful because of your use of un-explained jargon. Good job sucking as a teacher.

  3. Hi Adam, please correct me if I'm wrong. With full iron shot, there will be more shaft lean. With short pitch shots, there will be less to make full use of the bounce.

  4. Hi Adam – Just wanted to thank you for taking the time and giving back to the game to help amateur golfers. The biggest lesson you add in all your clips is to show players how to fully enjoy the game while inadvertently improving the pace of play which I feel has negatively impacted the popularity of the sport lately. All the best to you and keep up the great work.

  5. this is so very true about the wrist position at impact, at least for me it is. it has completely changed my game. very good advice…thx for the videos

  6. love the drill, one simple question, is it better to place the ball in the center, slightly behind or slightly forward of the stance?

  7. Good video, it seems that something has changed in my swing lately. Everything is a little bit outside of the sweet spot.

  8. Does the amount of forward shaft lean at address vary ? For instance could you comment on a 9 iron and a 4 iron off a tee. Would the more central ball position for a 9 iron mean more lean….I tend to pull a shorter iron right, and push a longer iron left..( I'm left handed )

  9. Naples is beautiful, we were down there for work cleaning up after the hurricnes a couple weeks ago, from pa here. Thx for the videos.

  10. I have Full Respect for You replying to ALL of the people’s’ comments. Great videos keep doing best what you do best!

  11. Adam how do you get your bottom part of your swing in front of the ball if your behind the ball. One of nMy issues.

  12. Why are we taught to set up with our driver the same way we will be when we impact the ball but for irons are hands are even with the club head at set-up and then way in front at impact ? Wouldn't it be easier to set-up with hands in front of ball like when we impact it ?

  13. Adam, this move is a little trickier than it first appears when one has gotten used to an early release etc… I know I can compress a wedge or a 9 iron easily, but not so easy when the irons get to a 6 etc… Do you recommend a more open hip move perhaps, or just a matter of following the drill as you have it? Thanks if you're still following this thread and post. BTW, excellent lesson/vid…a clear example of perhaps the #1 goal in iron striking.

  14. I went from shooting high 80's consistently to my last 5 rounds being in the 70's with my lowest round ever recorded 1 over from the tips on a par 71 (3 bird, 4 bogeys). Thanks Adam "Bazel Get Em'"! I had to neglect a few responsibilities like folding clothes.. making my bed like I use to, hanging out with friends, skipping lunch breaks to go to the range but it was all worth it lol

  15. I have a question no matter what club I hit I hit the top of the ball and it stays low to the ground. How can I correct this. I am a begginer

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