(lively instrumental music) – Hi Adam Bazalgette here, founder and two time PGA Teacher
Of the Year award winner down here in Naples. Beautiful day here, want to
talk to you today a little bit about golf ball position for short irons. Where should you put the ball at address? If you like this video
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content that’ll be coming. So let’s talk about that
subject a little bit. Now before we really get
into it, it’s fairly simple. But I want to show you
a close up of the club because this’ll inform you what’s required at impact for these short irons and therefore the rest
of it’ll make more sense. Let’s have a closeup look. So it’s vital to understand what’s required of impact on short irons. This is a nine iron. Now remember the sweet spot, obviously it’s between heel and toe. It’s not down here at
the bottom of the club, it’s more like there several groves up in this kind of an area. Now this is a beautiful lie, but it’s a fairly firm fairway lie. So in this instance if
the shaft is vertical or slightly tilted back, you’re gonna hit the
ball too low on the face. As you can see, you must
have some forward tilt of the club to create
that proper contact point. Now certainly some of this is
golf swing and hands forward, but if you don’t have your weight and hands forward a little
bit you can’t do this. And it’s so difficult to do that if the ball position’s way forward. It’s very hard to achieve that, so something in the middle, is gonna help you at impact
achieve this tilted position that puts the sweet spot on the, on the back of the golf ball. Remember too, we’re not trying to significantly hit down on the ball. It’s a pretty level strike
right at the bottom, but it does have the forward lean element that gives it just that
fraction of downward hit. Okay, so now that we’re
a little bit more clear on what’s required at impact. What’s the ball position that’s
gonna help you match that? Well I would suggest as a starting point middle of the stance. Now certainly there’s been some
great players over the years that played it a little more forward. We’ll talk about that in a second. But for the average golfer and even for the better than average
golfer in the amateur ranks it’s pretty difficult if
the ball is up forward to get enough weight shift
and enough shaft lean to get that club face to that sweet spot, properly tilted up onto the ball. You can do it. Hey if you’re a young aggressive player with great hip turn, and
great weight transfer, and a lot of lag probably
a long hitter would be indicative of that, you might be able to play it up a little bit. But likely a little bit more in the middle is gonna be the proper position. Now here’s a couple of variables. If the ball’s too far
back, you’re gonna tend to hit a little to downward at it. The club swings down in this area, relatively level in that area, and then back up again
obviously in this area. So you’ve got to find a spot that’s not so down you’re
pounding into the ground, and knocking loft off the
club too dramatically. And by the way, what
you’ll see when you do that is usually some deep divots and then subconsciously you’ll adjust and create some space and some thin shots. Nor of course, do you
want to play it up here where you’re picking a lot of balls, hitting them low on the face. So you gotta find that right spot, again I’m gonna suggest
about in the middle for you. How do you find that? Couple of ways you can work on that. Number one, set up in front of a mirror. Get directly in front of a mirror and check it out and you’ll see it. Number two, now and again when you take you’re set up in practice, just dangle the club from
the middle of your chest. From about your sternum bone, and you’ll pretty much see what the middle of the stance is there. So I hope this helps you. Again this is for short irons, maybe seven iron through sand
wedge something like that. We’ll have another video on long irons. If you like these videos,
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position on your short irons. (lively instrumental music) (mouse clicking)


  1. Started watching your video's a few days ago. Your clear instructional videos has really improved a part of my game I was struggling with – chipping and pitching.

  2. I have been watching you for about three. And i must say i have learn more from you then anyone and i been playing 15 years. Thanks a ton dropped 6 shots in my round in three week! THANK YOU

  3. The club face thing really makes sense. I think your videos are the only videos that address this. out on the course just by accident I was pitching and looked at the club face and decided to square the face to the ball more. It makes sense right it just felt better and actually hit a nice pure shot in fact it went in from 30 yds.

  4. Where the fine Line between short and long irons for adjustment of the Ball?? 7 iron?? In terms of Moving the Ball forward. Love your videos!!!

  5. I really loved the short and to the point style of your instructional video here. top Shelf !! Really like th simplistic idea of looking close at the desired impact point on the club and it helps inbed the ligic in why we have to do the things we do.

  6. Starting at 0:46 ..that's the 'secret' — which is no secret really, but the key to solid, consistent irons. I began to realize this as I looked at my clubs a few weeks ago…and noticed that my 'perfect' strikes were always in the lower groves, and not completely in the sweet spot. Ironically, I run into this great lesson….. It's a goal, and one that I had never realized for 25+ yrs.

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