TENNIS | FREE Sports Picks and Predictions For Today Matches (04.11.2019 )

hello you are on the channel of the sports club crow today in the issue a free forecast for the following event tennis ATP Challenger Bratislava r1 date November 4th 2019 the participants Maxime crusty vs. Emil reduce amore which of them will win what is our forecast are you a fan of sports and […]

BizNasty Does Warriors Camp

(upbeat rock music) – Welcome to the Vancouver Warriors training camp. – Thanks pal. (upbeat rock music) (murmurs) – How’s it goin’? I’m Matt, captain of Warriors – Pft, Were the captain, were the captain. Look at me, I’m the captain now. – Is that from that movie? – What movie? What you talking about? […]

Outdoor Research Men’s Arete Gloves

An extremely versatile glove, the Outdoor Research Arete Glove is a great option for those in the high alpine who need waterproof protection, dexterity and really good grip. Let’s take a look at the features and what makes these gloves so special. The first thing I want to talk about with the gloves is the […]

Mount Snow Minute 3: Pow Day & Expansion

Hey guys Lauren here with another Mount Snow Minute in case you’ve been living under a rock. It’s been snowing a lot We’ve got 23 inches of fresh snow in the last 36 hours Thanks to Mother Nature’s help. We were able to open 23 trails in the last three days The riding has been […]

Broken legs, noses and wrists | Daryl Jacob’s worst injuries in Horse Racing

Probably one of the worst that took the longest time to heal was actually at Cheltenham Festival… When my horse ran into a camera. I broke my shoulder, my elbow, my knee and my leg at the same time… That was me off for six months. They was thinking I would be off for ten, […]