Sketchy Alaskan Mini Golf Course!

– Good morning from beautiful Fairbanks, Alaska. Hear those trees swaying in the wind? (trees rustling) Today is gonna be a fun day. I hope that you have been enjoying all of the videos from here in Alaska. We’ve had a blast so far. Yesterday on the floatplane was awesome, and we’ve got a bunch […]

$1.000.000 for a Hole in One! THE MOST EXTREME GOLF HOLE IN THE WORLD!

Hi my name is Pete Richardson And I’m going to show you the most extrem golf hole in the world! Welcome to Legend Golf and Safari Resort in Limpopo South Africa. When you play the extreme 19th There is no golf buggies taking you to the hole. This is the way you travel. This is […]

The Basics of Volleyball – Passing

Hi I’m Emily Hiza and I am the volunteer assistant at Oregon State Unversity and we are doing the basics of volleyball here. And I have my two assistants Izzie is 10, and has been playing for a year and Mattie over here is 12, has been playing for 5 years. So, we’re going to […]

How to Serve | Volleyball Lessons

Some tips for serving in beach volleyball to help you get a more accurate serve are as follows. The most important part about serving is your toss. Getting a consistent toss will increase the accuracy of your serve. I like to start with my hand already on my right side to my right arm, and […]

Football Power Shot Technique – How To Shoot A Football Perfectly

All right, guys. So you all know how important proper shooting technique is if you want to be a dangerous player and start scoring more goals in your matches. So I figured we should do a tutorial on this, so you can shoot a little more like this. That’s coming up next. This video is […]

Hockey Shoulder Workout To Prevent Injuries

Hey hockey players coach garner here from hockey training comm one thing I’ve noticed is that hockey players very Commonly have shoulder injuries this workout is specifically designed to work on the muscles that are going to help you prevent Injuries and help protect your shoulders from the inside out. It’s going to help keep […]

How I Learned the ICE HOCKEY STOP on Inline Skates

The Ice Hockey Stop … on Inline Skates MY STORY Last summer .. my hockey stop was … not quite perfect. On ice I could do it, no problem, but on inline skates, well… I though maybe a wet surface would do the trick but .. no … no! Soon I realized that to do […]


– Okay, one, two, three. – Hi, Honey! Surprise. – What? – [Male] Cue the family. – Go, go, go. – Ai! – Hi! – We’re doing something miraculous today. We’re re-uniting families that haven’t seen each other in a really, really long time. Three families, two from Mexico, one from Canada. We’re bringing them […]

Gross Cricket Snacks?

[CRICKETS CHIRPING] We’re out of rations. There’s no sign of rescue. [WOLF HOWLING] We’re going to have to do something desperate. I’ve gathered these dead crickets we can eat for protein. Now, they disgusting, but we’re going to have to make them last if we want to sur– What else did you find? If you […]

Rückfahrkamera im VW Golf 6 installieren | Einbau-TUTORIAL | ARS24

Reversing cameras for the Golf 6. This is the topic of our video. We talk about universal cameras – How do I install one? About car-specific ones, especially for the Golf 6. And again: How do I install them? Which are my options? Welcome to ars24! For those who are wondering now if we just […]