NHL: Suspensions [Part 1]

NHL: Suspensions [Part 1]

Look at that linesman doing his job, Cary. Well, Manny Malhotra came in there a little late. So Brad Staubitz was a little upset
with the… the back door he got it. That was Edler but… Cary, I mean… what do you do in a situation – You got to take notes, right? I
mean how are you taking notes right now when you’re watching this? – there with a pretty good shot on Staubitz, I couldn’t see who it was. Oh he’s in the fans- he’s got the fans now. Wow that’s… I mean that’s going to be
probably suspendable right there Well when you start mixing
it up with the fans that’s when it’s gonna get ugly. Was that Rypien that went in there? Yeah it was Rypien. Yeah, I mean that’s not something that… It’s one thing to make gestures and everything, and you even get suspended for that these days or fined. Corey Perry gets his own rebound and oh he got hit hard behind the
net by Seabrook. Carter kept the puck alive.
Perry lost his stick gets up goes back and gets it. Now it’s Keith turning-
nearly turned it over off the back of the net and a penalty coming up to Wisniewski… as he ran Seabrook, Keith jumps into his
aid and Wisniewski starts hammering away on him. Seabrook looked like he was
not expecting the hit by James Wisniewski he got rocked. Well, Wisniewski was answering for the hit by Seabrook on Perry from about
10-15 seconds before that. And he ended up getting a big piece of Seabrook and then
he got a lot of Duncan Keith. And here’s the hit by Seabrook it’s a
high hit to the head of Corey Perry No call on the play and James Wisniewski
didn’t like that much so he took the opportunity to just drill Brent Seabrook. Now is Seabrook selling this? I don’t know if he’s selling it, John or
if he was injured. The way he got up afterwards, I almost think he was selling it,
but I’m honestly not sure. There he looks hurt. Here comes Jokinen in front… all alone and Tatar coming back terrific play on Iginla,
whose got it again, and Howard will hold on to that. And Stuart’s down, he’s hurt. Oooh There’s blood on the ice and Brad
Stuart took a bad hit, Larry. Right to the head and Kostopoulos is in the box
for it but this is a bad hit, Murph Very vulnerable playing a bouncing puck,
Kostopoulos comes in you catch him right there and Stuart gets it right-
can’t tell where he was cut, but the shoulder right in the head. Boom. Is that targeted? That’s a player that’s vulnerable and not in the position to
protect themself – taken away from Hartikainen and the
Hawks get it in. Nick Leddy could go for a change. Ohhh. That’s gonna be a suspension. Danny Carcillo
put Gilbert badly into the end boards and Dan Carcillo is going to have a
meeting with Brendan Shanahan – Daniel Carcillo which he will get penalized for.
Unfortunately he hits Gilbert before Gilbert makes contact with the puck. I
still haven’t heard whether it’s a minor, a major We’ll just have to wait and see
but as Gilbert goes hard into the boards he comes back and falls on Carcillo’s
leg. It’s his left knee he ends up grabbing And unfortunately you can’t hit a guy when
he hasn’t touched the puck yet. 5 minute major to Daniel Carcillo, so It’s cleared up the boards, Helm kept it in. Bickell, now to Seabrook is rink wide, deflects, Bolland rolled it free, here’s gonna be a chance for Smith he… Oh Hit right in the head. He tried to elude the
checker, who hit him right in the head, it looked like. And Smith will draw some attention for the Blackhawks Brendan Smith was cutting across trying
to get a piece of Ben Smith And it looked like it was shoulder to
head there. Yeah, no question It is Brendan Smith Some skirmishing in the corner as the officials –
it looks as if they’re gonna take Brendan Smith out of the game – and Ryan Hamilton brings it
forward. The Oshawa native will just chip it down into the flyer end, Boyce is onto the
puck quickly Hamilton trying to find a loose puck. and Boyce got filled in behind. And now he’s gonna have to get out of the way. As Jay Rosehill is firing punches. Darryl Boyce is cut as he goes to the bench. And it is Rosehill and Jody Shelley. They’re throwing wild punches but not landing right now. Rosehill got a few in early. He got one there. A hit from behind and Boyce goes straight into the boards. There’s gonna be a penalty for that, I would think. And Jay Rosehill standing up for his teammate. And the linesman letting them go. Last year, Rosehill had a fight with Milan Lucic that went for about 1:20 and this is well over a minute now. And Rosehill just told the officials “Let us go” And players are slapping their sticks as it is finally separated. But Jody Shelley is gonna get the extra penalty, I would think. And Rosehill got Shelley with a good one too. And here comes Boyce in. Oh that’s just an awful hit. I mean what is that? What is that? I mean the puck is nowhere – the puck is there. Late, and then right into the numbers from behind. And
good for Rosehill to stick up for his teammate immediately. Boyce chips it back… That’s just an awful hit Hawks scored first in each the first two games. Coyotes have then take a one goal lead.
Before Chicago time both games late. Jamal Mayers down the left wing looks to
come around Morris Mayers still controling.
Now to Leddy. Hossa’s hurt Joe, just to your left Yeah, right down in front of me and now they go after Torres. Yeah, Bolland went right after Raffi
Torres. It was a hit where Hossa cut to the middle of the ice
and didn’t see Torres coming. Then he hit him with his
shoulder but Hossa did not see him coming his way. It was a tremendous body collision and it was a shoulder hit. Remember last April it was Torres with that big hit on Seabrook in Game
three of the Vancouver-Chicago first round series One more look. There it is. Torres on Hossa. And straight down let’s just hope that
Marian Hossa is going to be okay He didn’t move much when he was down on
the ice and so they’ll take their
time and make sure that he’s secured – stops in front. Bouncing puck still not
recovered. Now picked up by TJ Oshie. Hands it off to Sobotka. Oshie goes down maybe
there’s going to be another penalty we’ll wait and see – the shot here, score.
Now had they blown the whistle? They were letting play continue but then they
thought Oshie was in a really bad situation so I don’t think… You’re right,
Brian. I don’t think that shots going to count. It’s gonna happen up near the blue line
Oshie is down low right now with the puck. He’ll come up high, and there it is. That looks like a shot to the head there
because he’s taller than Oshie is Oshie’s trying to protect the puck. Here
comes Rupp from the blind side. He makes contact, he gets them right on
the side of the chin there. Thanks for watching!

85 thoughts on “NHL: Suspensions [Part 1]

  1. Is this the WWE or an NHL match?
    Seems like a show to me…
    Actors going out for the bucks (nothing to do with the puck).
    North America pretty well summed up right there
    (Canada included).
    NHL: Suspensions -> revenue $$$
    Please the audience. _Drama_.

  2. Don't know how much Carcillo could really do when that moron puts himself in the most vulnerable spot he could've on that play.

  3. In some of these incidents there could be life-threatening injuries or chances of becoming paralyzed and the teammates just start to wrestle on top of the injured. Really smart.

  4. Although it tries to make players not make dirty hits the nhl shouldn’t be able to tap into their salary, I think the nhl should only be able to suspend players but not take money. Keep the game on the ice.

  5. Haha the fan was a teenager prolly talking shit and didnt think a mad hockey player wasnt gonna do something lol and when he did wanted to hide behind his dad lol people dont need to be talking shit if they dont want the 1 2 and the biscuit. Carcillo ur a p.o.s that shit can kill someone u should of been suspended for the year glad you got hurt faggot

  6. I love how blindly they throw punches in fights bc they can’t look at the person without getting their face smashed in

  7. 0:25 – Idiot. Sarcastically clapping is NOT justification for attacking a fan.

    3:10 – Usually I feel empathy for players diagnosed with CTE after their careers are over. I have none for Carcillo the Cancer.

  8. Well, that's really gonna put a dent in those players pocket books.
    How will they ever survive?

  9. That philly player at the 5 minute mark is an idiot, was he pulling the players hair in that fight afterwards too??

  10. I'm a Coyotes fan, but from Chicago so I got a soft spot for the Blackhawk. Man I forgot of that Torres hit in the Playoffs, but I remember not liking Torres, and now I remember why.

    And it sucks to, because that was the Coyotes best Season. Well hopefully not for long, hopefully 19-20 Season Coyotes can make it to Playoffs.

  11. So basically the NHL profits from white people hurting eachother. Who runs the NHL?
    So I looked up who runs the NHL. I figured it must be a white guy. But its a Jewels…holy cow. My suspicion was correct. I just looked at these suspensions and how its allowing the executive to profit from white people hurting eachother…and I was joking to myself that this sounds like something a Jewel would dream up. And its no joke. The NHL is run by a Jewel. Wow. They really hate white people. Look at Hollywood, look at the media, look at porn industry, look at the history we now know about the USS Liberty. It's really eye opening. Jewels demand they get special treatment and privilege but demand whites be constantly vilified and promote mass immigration into white majority nations.

    If you want to know who really runs things, ask yourself who is above criticism.

    I don't wish anyone ill will towards Jewels. I admire them honestly. But Anglos need to wake up and get wise real fast. Learn from the Jewels. Be like the Jewels. Control and operate all your own stuff: sports, media, hospitals, police, fire, etc.

  12. Raffi Torres hit was not worth a 25 game suspension I don’t care that’s way to much for that hit, he didn’t try to fuck him up that bad

  13. First dude shouldn’t have been suspended or fined. If a dumb fan starts something, they should be banned instead.

    :Edit: Props to Rosehill. Shelley deserves every bit of that. I’m glad they let him beat on him for a bit

  14. Love hockey players who do something wrong when on purpose and they take a suspension like a man….nfl football players appeal small suspensions for a year and even take them to court….nhl guys don't care

  15. I would have made sure jody Shelley would've had to get a new drivers license photo for how fucked up I would have destroyed his shit face. Complete worthless cuck

  16. Ducks Homers are by far the most retarded in the league. But they have to be relatable to the fan base. So I get it.

  17. Some of these 'fines' are misrepresented as it's a loss of salary not a fine. The CBA limits fines to something like 5000.00 bucks.

  18. That was a great video but you can thank Betman with all his new stupid rules to make the game faster no more clutching and grabbing holding your man up
    Implement the instigator rule and try to get rid of fighting no more respect on the ice
    Lots of cheap headshots you didn't see that in the 80s and now there is a hell of a lot more concussions and injury
    Way to ruin the game mister commission you 💩 head.

  19. I seen at least 3 hits in that video that may not have been intentional…. (shoulder to head) they were bad but there is such things as shit happens….. I don't wanna get hit by a bus so I keep my ass off the road!!!

  20. Hayward is such a horrible announcer, only Jack Edwards is more of a homer; I will bet Hayward cried about icing either being waived off, or not waived off whatever would have benefited the Ducks, twice in this game.

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