Motu Patlu Cartoons In Hindi | Animated cartoon | roller skate thief | Wow Kidz

Motu Patlu Cartoons In Hindi | Animated cartoon | roller skate thief | Wow Kidz

Ok Motu, I going to the town, have to purchase a lot of stuff, I will be back in two three days Ok Patlu, come back soon bye Oh, its Patlu who is going to town, why did I come out? Patlu, where have you gone? Patlu is not out also, he must be inside only. Patlu, where have you gone, why are you playing hide and seek? I have been calling out Patlu for so long, and here you are hiding and standing. Hey at least say bye before leaving, why are you so angry? Bye. Thief!! He took my chain!! That man is so good with roller skates; he can bring back my lost identity. Why don’t I use him for my work? Return the chain or it won’t be good for you. Wow, wonderful!! With great bravery you caught the thief, I would like to invite you to my house for tea. Thank you, but I am in a little hurry. I am an expert in hypnotizing, you must have heard about hypnotizing. Sleep and come under my control. Will you come to my house? Yes. Would you do what I ask you to do? Yes, I will do as you say. Look here, once upon a time I was in the news everywhere, I used to run so fast on roller skates. That it was impossible for police to catch me even on jeep or bike also. But since I had an accident everything is destroyed, but now again roller skates thief will be back. Once again people will be scared of me, haha!! You will do my work. As you wish, I am ready. Where do you belong from? Furfuri nagar. So we will do the robberies in Furfuri nagar only, because you are well versed with that place. It would be easy to escape from police. Catch him!! Beat him!! Hey, who are you? Stop!! Hey stop in the name of law. Oh my god!! Its impossible to catch him, this roller skates thief has made my life miserable. I have to take Motu Patlu’s help. Where is Patlu? Chingam sir he had gone to town for two three days. Its been many days now, he has not returned, his phone is also not working. Chingam sir look there, thief!! Hey stop!! Stop in the name of law. Stop!! Hands up, you are under arrest. Chingam sir please don’t fire, chase him. Hey stop! Stop in the name of law. Where will you go now dear? Chingam sir look in the front also. Oh my god!! Its impossible to catch him. My friend Patlu is not here, if he would have been here then he would have caught him. He always uses his brain to solve a problem, he would have used some idea to catch him. Come on, we will also use our brains, what all do you need to catch a thief? Idea!!! Till the time he has roller skates it’s impossible to catch him. Lets follow him and wait till he removes his skates, and as soon as he does that we will attack him catch him. Oh my god!! How will we follow him? He runs with a bullet speed. Dr Jhatka’s flying car would come handy. Look here, news paper is full of news on roller skates thief’s news. Once again police unable to arrest him, roller skates thief strikes again. My job is in danger. Commissioner sir, yes sir, I will catch him sir, sorry sir, yes, ok. This thief has ruined me. Big brother, we need your flying car, we will follow him and catch him. Motu my brother, my friend, you can take my car any time. Thank you very much Patlu, you have not only given me this wealth but also you have given me popularity. You have revived back my name which was forgotten by people. Thank you boss. There he is. Hey stop!! Hey sir, what are you doing, all our efforts will go to waste, be quite. Very good!! Look the entire news paper is full of my news, I am alive again. The name is Chingam, its impossible to escape from Chingams web, you are under arrest. Beat them up!! Only Patlu can stretch his hands long, he looks like my Patlu. Chingam sir look, Patlu is standing there with the mask. Patlu whats wrong with you? Come back to your senses. Motu, what happened? What are we doing here? I will tell you, I had hypnotized you and made you do robberies. Now I will hypnotize all three of you and make you all do robberies for me. Patlu look down, don’t look at him. So you where pretending to be handicap, catch him, wait. You all are under my spell. Yes!! Wake up come to your senses, you are here to wake me up or get yourself trapped. Oh, sorry. Catch him. Motu Patlu, thank you very much, you have saved my reputation by catching roller skates thief. I will ask the government to reward you both.

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  2. I love Montu and patlu and chingam and dr jatla and dr jatha's friend I'm sorry I forgot his name oof but I love him too bro but he is really funny dude

  3. hahahahahahhahahahhhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahhahhahahahhahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahaha

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