MAKE A SHOT…WIN THE CASH! *Ex Boyfriend vs Ex Girlfriend*

MAKE A SHOT…WIN THE CASH! *Ex Boyfriend vs Ex Girlfriend*

$50.00 a shot yep what is up everybody welcome back to my
channel my name is Josh Horton this is Jin abandons his caleb nash phim stirrer
both superstars co-stars on the josh horton youtube channel exes anyway both
of them good friends of mine and it’s the holiday season and I’m willing to
pay you guys back I brought some money we got some 20s we got some hundreds
it’s up to you how much you’re gonna earn based on today’s video today’s
video it’s going to be kind of like we did we did the place your bet challenge
earlier it’s gonna be like that every shot you make earns you more money but
there’s ways for you to incentivize and earn more money starting with the layup
round here we go first round is through the legs layups literally through the
legs you’re each going to take ten each layup you make is worth $10 however if
you take this bet saying that you’re gonna make more than eight of your ten
your points double your dollars double if you get less than eight after taking
the bet you get nothing with each other it’s individual Jenna are you gonna take
the bet do you think you can make more than eight more than eight or more I
might make near that but I don’t know about eight or more okay a little bit
okay alright go big or go home you know let’s see it if I go over a ISO Aldys one more to double his money after
round one $80 160 160 so taking the gamble paid off for Caleb move around
around to the more money you have guys the more money you can bet in the final
round like that so that’s gonna be interesting
we’re moving on to the free throws okay guys for the free throw around your
alternate until you’re going to alternate I’m gonna I’m being nice to
you guys giving away money and recording everything relationship okay you guys
are going to alternate free throws if you miss a shot you are out it is again
$10 per shot made but after someone misses the remaining person can keep
going and their shots are now worth $20 until they miss the last little thang
before you guys go you guys can place your bet on who’s gonna win this round
using the money you have so far so Caleb you have 160 160 to gamble Oh 80 I’m gonna gamble $50 50 so I went
okay all right I’ll place a tea therefore a I suppose you practice it over there but
eyes were closed Jordan style Wow Oh what are you doing I already got the
last one didn’t even get good shoot I forgot about that
ha wait do I still get the money so I’m midnight
yep so I only have 170 now Oh Caleb ends with $10 hold up up $10 virginity to 20 okay 222 177 alright moving on to the
three-pointers three-pointers we’re doing 10 shots
and I think I’ve given you enough money so far there’ll be one more round or
I’ll be putting up some money but for this you guys are just betting your
money against each other for who you think’s what you who you thinks gonna
win that’s out of 10 best out of 10 momily I’m only up 50 all this put it
all these British strangers if Ben is you’re gonna find out right now I need
no stranger there’s one your turn to shoot Jenna
one-for-one your turn I’m confident not coffee unlike Caleb you just used lost all your money what do you you gain 40 40 left what’s
your total 260 okay last round half-court shot $50 per shot
Caleb you can come back yep it’s anyone’s game you guys are both
gonna go home some money yeah we all right I bet $1,000 no there’s no betting
the bet there’s gonna be a bet at the end for both of you you have no money so Caleb somehow first of all you shot
better from half the three-point line so for ten $300 yeah here’s the here’s the
gamble here folks you got a half-court shot it is I take
it don’t explain it first yeah huh no no okay so you can both walk away with your
money right now it’s like a game show and I’m your host Josh Gordon hello you
both walk away with your money hey congratulations you want some money or
you can take one half-court shot if you take the half word shot and you miss
your money is cut in half I won’t be so mean I could say down to nothing but
that’s really mean okay if you make it okay I have four ten and you have three
keep in mind we’re not you know we’re not competing you still get your money
Jenna wants to win if you want to do it that way cool but I’m just letting you
know this is your money in my money I know what I’m doing it has nothing to do
with me – ten is still a good amount of money so you’re gonna risk it Oh $600 in my pocket please all right
600 in my pocket please Jenna I want you to make this because it were not
competing it’s your money and my money I make this you get a 20 you can pay me
back for some of those dinners at 6:00 I figured one of you would either miss
or walk away I should have known better with you two he’s way too cocky with the
totals I don’t know if I have this much cash 600 give me mine first see I let my
own pride get in the way of the three-point round I should’ve just just
worried about my own life Jenna thank you thank you very much five and I’ll
fin mo you the rest now just VIN mo to me she has made a lot
of my city thank you guys for watching make sure you subscribe if you haven’t
yet I’ve got videos coming all the time so subscribe me subscribe to Kaleb
subscribe to Jenna and thank you to all of you guys because I’m able to give
away money because you guys watch my videos it’s more than used I remembered
the video a long time ago that was a crazy amount of money and things been
going well so I appreciate each and every one of you and I just want to say
real quick guys if you don’t personally know Josh it’s a shame Josh thank you so
much for everything you’ve done for me and me alone and nobody else in this
video you seriously have changed my life with YouTube and giving me a ridiculous
amount of money a place to live all these good things so if you don’t know
Josh you should because he’s genuinely one of the nicest people in the world
he’s a superstar wow this was a special moment for me and my videos we’ll see
you guys later bye so what are we

100 thoughts on “MAKE A SHOT…WIN THE CASH! *Ex Boyfriend vs Ex Girlfriend*

  1. I had no idea I’d be giving away that much 💰 Someone who likes/comments early like Nono on ipad did on the last video wins juggling balls from! Make sure you’re subscribed and you click that bell so you can always be part of the early squad! Love you guys!

  2. The crazy thing is, there are a few folks out there that are better at deep 3's and half court than a regular 3 pointer. Caleb is one example😂

  3. I love those two. It's so sad they are not together any more. Oh and of course I love you to Josh. The crew is such an inspiration to me to never give up on your dream.

  4. love love love this video nice follow through on the 3 pointers by jenna and great shots by caleb on the half court shots <3

  5. Josh, you are such a good guy man. If I was ur friend I would do this to you. I love how u are giving money to ur friends, good job. Love ur vids

  6. This was amazing!!! Man Caleb can hit that far away jumper and Jenna is insane from 3 point range! Crazy that they both made that half court shot at end….do people even know how hard that is???

  7. Man, the squad always seem so calm during these fun money games. Granted there’s technically nothing to lose in the grand scheme of things but I think most everyone else would be nervous as crap if given an opportunity 🤣

    At least Caleb took over your outro with sincerity 👍🏻

    from someone one who can vouch for what he said 😊

  8. Hey Josh, thought I'd tell you about a game we play here in Australia. It's called Animal. You need an odd number of people to play so let's say you're playing with three. Rock, paper scissors decides who shoots first. They shoot a free throw and the other two line up on the key just like a normal game situation. If they make it they shoot again but if they miss, the other two fight for the rebound and score a bucket to shoot next (shooter is out but those two keep going until one of them scores). First to 11 wins but your last shot is a three pointer instead of a free throw so if you're on 10, step back to three to shoot. I probably made this sound more complicated than it had to be but it would be really cool to see this make it into one of your uploads! Merry Christmas all.

  9. I was watching before jake and josh when channel was called jugglin josh and that was when I wanted to learn to juggle and now I am a 5 ball juggler because this dude inspired me. I still want more juggling videos.

  10. Good video and its nice to see the generosity from Josh. But its also nice to see Jenna whip Caleb in a challenge! All the trash talking and Jenna gets revenge!!!

  11. Love the videos Josh you have been killing it for a really long time I wish you and your wife a very Happy Holiday season. 🤹‍♂️

  12. Well shouldn't you just keep Caleb's money for rent hahaha also I would love to actually met yall in person besides just messages

  13. You guys should do a last to stop juggling wins 1000 dollars whoever agrees subscribe and give them a thumbs up.

  14. Josh Horton – I wish I lived closer for you to be able to help me more… if your willing to help me I'd love the help getting my youtube going with more videos ect and I would love your help getting my name out there ect… PS love the videos and enjoy them (Favorites are the trick shot board games)

  15. Josh does seem like a really good dude. And juggling is cool. Please bring in more juggling!! You can have Taylor Glenn on more and just geek out on juggling together! Or Will it Juggle battles!

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