Magnetic Golf Club Retriever

Magnetic Golf Club Retriever

Golf is a hard enough
game without back strain. So to relieve the discomfort
of having to bend over on the course to pick
up dropped clubs, or to prevent back
problems before they start, retrieve dropped clubs
with the MagneCaddy. The little magnetic device
makes a big difference for your comfort. Simply screw the magnet
into the grip of a putter, then touch it to the iron
face or shaft of a wedge to pick it up. Since the powerful rare
earth magnet easily holds this 10-pound plate,
it should have no trouble lifting any club in your bag. The MagneCaddy also comes with
a magnetically attractive ball marker, so you won’t need to
go digging through your pockets to find one. This handy device is so great,
we give it a standing ovation. [APPLAUSE] That joke was subpar, Jamie. You realize your
joke was even worse? A hole in pun. If you’re closer in age
to Palmer than McIlroy, the MagneCaddy is
right up your fairway, but everyone can take
advantage of the MagneCaddy. Physical discomfort
shouldn’t stop a golfer from doing what they enjoy,
so pick up a MagneCaddy now at (SINGING)

100 thoughts on “Magnetic Golf Club Retriever

  1. Comment section in a nutshell
    50% what if i drop the magnacaddy
    20% what about the golf ball
    20% complaining that you can just stand on it and will go up
    5% 20 dollars? i can make this at home!
    4.3% other stuff
    0.06% who even plays gold anymore
    0.01% comment section in a nutshell comments.

  2. Or you could just hold the club like a normal person. I understand the use of the magnetic ball marker, but I haven't met anyone who drops their club after they swing

  3. Ok but who tf doesn't just have their bag with them? I rarely put any of my clubs on the ground and I can say the same for my friends.

  4. There was also a not well-known technique to grab it it's called he "bend down and not be a lazy bum move" wow revolutionary!

    Okay this product may be good with people that have bad back problems but if you don't have back problems and still use this product you're just lazy

  5. How do you pick up the ball🤷🏻‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️

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