Mach 1.4 Golf Ball Impacts

Mach 1.4 Golf Ball Impacts

Alright, so, today we’re going to be testing out what happens when you take a slug. A 12 gauge high brass slug and shoot a golf ball with it. Is it penetrate right through ? Is it gonna make explode ? QUIET ON THE SET ! (laughter) (MUSIC) Alright, here we go. It sent it flying. Haha. That was a… I think, I think you hit low. Did I ? Okay. I think. Aim a little higher. (BANG) (MUSIC) FOUR ! WOO ! (laughter) That one went into the water, I think. Woo ! (MUSIC) Okay, Jeff. I’m ready. I’m going to aim a little to the right this time, okay ? Okay. Holy crap. I saw it go in the water. Hahaha. It was spinning like a top, man. (MUSIC) (BANG) (MUSIC) Direct center hit… is what we want. Okay, I’m ready. Alright. Alright. FOUR ! Oh ! (laughing) Every one is…hooking…or is that slicing ? (MUSIC)

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  1. Should hang a 3" steel plate in front of the golf ball. Let the plate swing into the golf ball when shot. See if you can get a 400 yard drive.

  2. Dont know what it is, but everytime I'm watching those "impacts" it put a smile of satisfaction on my face.
    And with the slomo …. its simply adictiv!
    + thumps up Nick you hit the balls^^

  3. Hey Jeff, I asked the question a year ago, but figured now I'm a patreon I'm owed a reply ๐Ÿ˜‰ when Nick was shooting in the older videos he has the pump racked and shell ejected before the gun has finished recoiling. Is that just how he trains as a marine? Or is that a personal swing he adds to his general coolness on the set. Would really appreciate an answer, or I'll post this on every video!! Good to see Nick again ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. couldn't find "shotgun slug golfball song" by Sluggy McSlugface on itunes, soundcloud or bandcamp. Are you sure you got the title and artist right?

  5. how about a video of say a controlled medium like 7.5 birdshot and it's effects on ballistics gel at same distance but using different choke tubes

  6. I think you've created a sport here. I don't know what the rules or goal would be, but I look forward to seeing it on Golf Channel soon.

  7. What do you think would happen if you shot at it with some sort of bean bag rounds? Something that won't shatter the ball but instead would just launch it away.

  8. Matt on demolition ranch has a thread on device that launches golf balls from the end of the barrel , filming one of the launched balls hitting another stationary ball might make for some good video…

  9. it'd be interesting to take some powder out of one of the shells and shoot it at a slower velocity so it doesn't destroy the ball (or shoot it with something bigger caliber, like a mini cannon?)…see if u can drive it 300 yards, lol.

  10. You guys are in CA right? I've got a 30lb bronze golfball mortar with a 1.70 inch bore that shoots balls almost 3/4 of a mile with around oh say 1500 to 2000 grains of ffg. I haven't been able to find proper coarse canon powder but I did find out that the 4.99$ 1lb fishing weights are damn near the same size as a golfball and they pack a whallop! Makes your chest hurt.
    I live near sf and I'd be down to make a road trip with the missus and shoot square golfballs at 400mph or something.

    I have some crummy videos on my channel. I highly recommend a small golfball cannon. Totally worth the investment. I built mine with my dad. I call it the barking chode. I don't have a ton of free time but I'm down to request some days off or some such.

  11. It would be kind of fun to play with powder loads and try hitting it just hard enough that it doesn't break the golf ball.

  12. Put the ball on the ground, and fire just short of it, cause the ball to be "chipped" up into the air, and winner is closest to the flag…

  13. I once shot a golf ball with my .45. The ball took off up the hill and the .45 slug was found on the ground just under the point of impact. The ball took 100% of the inertia and left the bullet just inches away on the ground. I still have the ball and bullet.

  14. how about trying this with a round that won't destroy the ball? With a sub sonic rubber or wax slug or something like that.

  15. I was watching some old videos on YouTube and when I was watching some of demolition ranches old videos I noticed that you commented on several of his videos did you guys you to be friends you and Matt?

  16. So recently the Collier Gun girls got a guidelines violation on their instagram for a picture showing Jenna holding a polymer80 glock she built with her dad. I was just hoping you would use your platform to give a lil support by doing a shout out to help support their channel. They are great girls with great parents and i would really appreciate it. If not i understand.

    Thanks. Yurr Next

  17. I would like to know how various shapes of lead sinkers would perform out of a shotgun.. Ya know if you just happen to be in a fishing shop and the zombie apocalypse outbreaks and all you have is a 12 guage and some sinkers..

  18. Hey, have you guys ever thought about putting a .50 AE or BMG into a 12 gauge shell and shooting it? I don't even know if that's possible, but it would be pretty badass

  19. If I was to make a shotgun slug, how wide would it have to be? I estimate 2โ€ but Iโ€™m not sure, would help lots. ( thinking of making some on a lathe and sending them to you / where would I send them? )

  20. Slow mo's and full speeds aren't matched up. You can clearly see half a tee left on many of the full speeds but a full tee flying in the slow mo.

  21. When I was kid .. Gold Balls had a central core about 5/8" diameter that was a thick rubber ball field with oil … then hundreds of feet of elastic band wrapped around and around the central core … then a covering about 1/16" thick with the dimples on it.

    When you shoot them they'd kinda explode with all the rubber band flying everywhere … see if you can find some vintage golf balls!!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  22. it almost looks like your slow motion replays dont match the shots taken. you can often see the Tee get its top blown off but remain in the wood during the full speed shot, but in the slow motion shot it pops completely out of the wood and falls away. Can someone explain that?

  23. I thought you were going to fire a golf ball at mach 1.4 and have it impact a target.
    My golf ball launcher only gets about 550 fps and about 475 pfe.

  24. Idea – set up a swinging steel target to launch the golf ball on the up swing. Using the lightest steel target that the slug won't penetrate should transfer the most energy into the ball, right???? I would just be curious if the ball would go further than if it were hit with a driver. Maybe even use one of the steel dumbbell slugs so that less energy is lost in the deformation of the slug…..

  25. i saw a gun channel where the shooter hit a board at 300yrds and went through the plywood do you think 400yrds is good he ran out of shells i'm asking because i saw the speed of travel on your chronograph

  26. I've done this last summer. One ball, one slug, perfect hole in the middle of the ball on the first shot. I can send you a picture of the golf ball if you want, it's pretty neat.

  27. Coming back to this one again, I'd be interested to know what his shooting eye scores on a visual acuity test. A shooter like that is as worthy of study as the shotgun slugs.

  28. Great video,shooting,and high speed camera drugs!! A lifetime ago we were shooting .22's at golf balls and one was rubber wrapped and came unwound in spectacular fashion!! It has been hit alot first tho. ๐Ÿ–’๐Ÿ–’

  29. I have to wonder if you used something like a rubber slug and got really close. Probably not using a high brass load either but that might send a golf ball hundreds of yards. It would be interesting to see for sure but hey if you just used one of those drivers that use blanks that would be cool too.

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