what is up everybody welcome back to the
channel today’s video is going to be a lot of fun we’re going to do a little
contest whoever throws the furthest wins $1,000
woo yes today’s videos gonna involve a bunch of different types of sports and
we’re really excited to have a sponsor for today’s video five below thanketh
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let’s get into this video here are competitors for today we’ve got myself
Caleb Nash beam sir Jenna bandy and Chris staples so here’s how today’s
videos going to work we each have these cards seven cards with seven different
sports there’s gonna be seven rounds before each round you’re going to
secretly choose which sport you’re going to be using then we’ll all reveal that
sport at once and whoever can get their ball the furthest wins that round one
point per round and most points at the end of the video
wins once you’ve used your sport you can no longer use it
who wants a thousand dollars drop your comment right now who do you think is
gonna win here we go okay round one everyone take out your cards and choose
what you want to do put the rest away everyone have their one card we have it
okay reveal it three two one we’re all pink I have to kick the ball that hard
yeah you’re gonna be you’re gonna be fine okay who wants to go first okay
after you throw go stand by your ball Caleb stand on the court like in past
videos I’m going strategy I know I’m not gonna win this round so I’m not gonna
wear my shoulder oh okay what if I missed the ball I’ve never
seen him play soccer before Caleb go for Jenna you’re right here in last place
alright actually I’m gonna let you go Chris I’m gonna see what I gotta beat Chris wins red woman hey guys round 2
you guys choosing what you want do what you want 3 2 1 go
wiffleball wiffleball big tennis big tips okay so okay two people do the same
thing and two people doing the same thing and I think like they’re pretty
close I don’t really know how bit how far those big tennis things are gonna go
it should be the person who got last which would be Josh oh yeah
last person goes first that’s fun okay just one sorry why don’t you pick it up
like that that’s pretty weird right okay I don’t want to be little windy the wind
some of this we have an wind blowing he’s gonna play effect put the little
Jordan meme crying on his face right now Josh licking me
Jordan main crime perfect jenna bana yeah yeah Wow okay it went a little to
the right we’re heading our our polls that way but still pretty good eat that
Jenna okay alright Chris Chris you have a few points need something really good
cuz I’m not doing well dodge but if you can dodge a car ready three two one
dodge ball dodge ball tennis and basketball behind the back I just want
the record show josh is yet to hit the grass from yeah Caleb gonna leave you
the pink ball okay great I’m going to throw it the best way I’m
gonna try it this way yep that actually does get you more
distance it’s all about a good bounce okay that’s got a good balance man
still rolling but made easy bass boats made it to the grass Jenna Europe the
basketball he has to be thrown behind the back there’s no way of being nice
and shown sounds like a spin I don’t know if that was it behind the back is
rush it was okay Caleb Caleb doing the lead oh it’s definitely straight
definitely definitely short though Caleb takes the win on that one and next round ready 3 2 1
football kick wiffle ball dodgeball and soccer kid we have four four different
cards for the first time I don’t know who my favorite is might be me I don’t
know I don’t know Josh is Oh cuz I’m actually decent in soccer I’m actually
decent so you’re up with the dodgeball throw that ball hey Chris if you could
dodge a wrench you can dodge your balls you know that
got it dive and dodge and if you can dodge a bat you can dodge a ball nice well the boomerangs I think with a spin
oh wow Chris under on it what about very far bounce still going
alright Benny she’s pointing oh that’s close
oh she’s taking her she ran directly she ran directly to
second base nice little stretching it’s good workout okay good lean good lean Andrew if we
can get some like 80s workout leg warmer music let’s stretch our legs how many steps is it one three to the
left – yeah yep and then two more I guess
Wow you gotta hold it down Chris let’s be real it is between me and you for
them whose is further yeah yeah okay
Caleb let’s see how decent you are I would like to announce I pointed out
with just my big toe isn’t this like a thing
it’s literally I felt my knuckle like jam into the other knuckle but I got the
dog anything for you guys thumbs up for Caleb stone recovery for
those of you watching who have not subscribed let’s all just click that
button right now together three two one every Monday every Wednesday every
Saturday we’re doing all sorts of sports challenges all the time would love you
to join this family okay so the score right now – for Caleb yep – BRR Chris
goose egg me and Jenna both have zero I’m gonna randomly select my card this
time out of my pocket and it is three two one Oh football kick soccer kick I’ve smarted the system I got three
points let me just see it for a second pick a real card okay that’s really the
same one you’re gonna pick last time since basketball behind the back okay
Jenna you were last and now you’re first Wow now solid that was a really good
kick what’s that you want to see my freestyle
skills okay hey still going caleb run but war chick Oh where’d you
get that cool color football five below nice definitely be Jenna’s I’m in the
lead I have zero wins with loved ones right now I’m still winning almost what
don’t go further than me no stop definitely further than yours really yes
everyone ready yeah three two one basketball behind it back football kick
oh oh dodgeball wiffle ball all right let’s do it
go for it Wow good bounce good workout oh really good roll crap we might have to measure that we’re not
doing one that one we’re gonna do it from here we got to measure it all out
no it’s measuring mine really scientific here folks what’s the verdict Horton hit
106 feet with my feet beats red since he’s out further in left sorry Jenna
okay that note that means there’s a three-way tie right now so it’s tied two
to two and there’s one card left for everybody whoa whoa there buddy
you’re right oh good roll really good roll that’s
gonna be tough to beat Chris might have just secured $1,000 oh oh okay wow that
went far Oh baby I felt so good and there’s nowhere okay I I need you not
just hear him say three late I won that round you want but I lost the game yeah
actually you can just go away in the car we’ll be right there oh that balls are so bouncy knock down win no money soccer oh okay playground ball oh oh
okay three-pointer Oh Chris gets $2,000 Caleb I said a thousand I see
oh okay you ever go to for two to tie Oh Chris signals takes the dub
congratulations I’ll count em two three four five six
what are you doing seven eight nine ten
nice day everyone thank you so much for watching huge shout out to five below
for sending us all these awesome fourth balls go get yours too at your local 5
below I’ve got videos every Monday every Wednesday every Saturday links to these
people’s channels into the description here’s our interim chair that’s for
today follow us all on Instagram 4chan to an Instagram shout out ya later bye swinging and swinging and

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  1. $1,000 up for grabs! A little skill, a little luck. Who will win it all?! Drop a like and a comment on this video for a chance to win juggling balls from jugglingwarehouse.com like Sophia 21 did from the last video (must be a subscriber)!

  2. Hey Josh, thank you for everything, you have made my childhood good and you motivate me and other people to do juggling and trick shots like that, thank you🎾🏅⛹🏈⚽

  3. 14:35 Caleb freezes and Chris takes the win 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 I knew Chris would win from the start

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