Where’s logan? Where’s logan? you found your balloon didn’t you buddy? hey what’s up? that’s me, logan I used to be a regular kid from Ohio You know i love sports payed attention in school and was always a bit awkward But then when I was about 10 years old, I picked up a video camera and became Logan Paul. and your address? butthead street. wow your a jerk don’t call back again Yup I’ve always been a bit of a troublemaker. Fast Forward. **Fast Forwarding** This was me in 2016, which ended up being the best year of my life (Music) Then this was me in 2017, which was an even better year of my life (Music continues) So what the Fuck happened in 2018 that made the world quiver when they heard the words – *Logan Paul* Obviously, you know the answer, but let’s rewind for a second After becoming one of the top vine stars in the world, Rest in Peace Vine, btw I hopped from platform to platform shooting viral sketch comedy bits. Some of which you may have seen After about a year, I have gained about 25 million fans between Facebook, Instagram and Twitter And then I heard about this thing called daily vlogging What is up People of the internet. My name is Logan Paul and welcome to my vlog channel. That’s right I’m vlogging now you get to see more of me. hahaha I began, my youtube journey with a bulldozed mentality I was gonna work my ass off to overtake this platform with fresh explosive quick pace and outlandish content. I wanted to conquer and destroy sometimes quite literally everything in my path. The bigger the faster, the louder the better. I wanted to make noise, So… I did We became the fastest channel to hit ten million subscribers in the history of YouTube And I told myself that I was gonna blow any competition I had, out of the water which at one point became my own brother And that got ugly **Chanting** LOGAN LOGAN And slowly but surely in my endless pursue of more views and more subscribers It was becoming clear that the vlog mentality was getting out of hand But, I did not see that Here’s what I saw Oh Mamma Mia take a look around Oh! yoo look so good at night! boy just dropped 40k on a presidential rolex so how about that vehicle though What’s in the bags eleven thousand six hundred dollars worth of Gucci clothes. Oh! is this solid gold, solid gold. twenty thousand dollars It is yours. That’s my boii The machine was beginning to take on a mind of its own As my hunger for success was growing exponentially. So was my ego. The line for what was acceptable, became more and more foggy and the disrespect began to skyrocket And it’s not that I felt the rules didn’t apply to me I knew they did I just didn’t care about the consequences if I broke them. I didn’t even consider them You can’t stop logan fucking paul I Wanted to entertain my audience every single day with, out of this world content and behavior that they could only find on logan paul vlogs Consequences were rarely even an afterthought logang going to the top And not to mention I was the 22 year old blond haired, blue eyed kid from Ohio with 45 million followers on the internet. Every single day My actions were validated by five to seven million viewers and as long as I wasn’t doing any harm No one was trying to stop me now my peers not my family not even members of my own team And then in December of 2017 I went to Japan It was the perfect storm of circumstance ignorance ego and downright stupidity The backlash against the social media star who posted a video of an apparent suicide victim is intensifying The video viewed over 6 million times in just 24 hours Youtube star Logan Paul is facing the fallout after posting a video that showed the body of an apparent suicide victim The backlash was massive people and creators of all sizes Denouncing Logan Paul and this video actor Aaron Paul saying Logan Paul go to hell so many people sharing stories people they lost due of to suicide and some specifically hanging I obviously as a person as a human being I was frustrated and pissed off and offended by his actions a hero for a lot of kids is to logan fans and when I see that I Care so much I’m so disgusted how could somebody not realize how fucked up this is this crosses the line and I am NOT surprised that he would do something like This it doesn’t make any sense to me whatsoever As a human being how about a little bit of empathy like a normal human being instead of being a moron go to a morgue If you’re that fucking morbid he thought that that was a cool thing to do in Less than 24 hours. I became the most hated person on the planet. I Had made an inexcusable mistake completely destroyed my image lost every Professional relationship that I had became the Internet’s favorite meme and most importantly had my eyes opened wide to the consequences of my actions. I felt every ounce of disappointment and hate directed at me and while it was a hundred percent my fault It was critical that I felt all of it Now here’s where I made a significant mistake. I went into panic mode Being disliked was my biggest fear in the entire world So in a scramble to try and reverse the past I asked myself How do I fix this when instead the question I should have been asking was how do I fix me? I took a month break from the internet and attempted to bounce back with an anti suicide PSA and a donation But I was still moving too fast. I didn’t fully understand the significance of my actions the depth of the pain they caused and was literally becoming my own worst nightmare Pretty much. I know for a fact everything I do from this point on will get criticism It will get backlash. So internet, please don’t use me bro crucify me vilify me As I fell more and more out of touch with reality. I couldn’t trust myself. I wouldn’t send my team the videos for a review I didn’t listen to my friends and I refused to adapt my content. It was the highest degree of self-sabotage But finally after nearly running the rest of my life into the ground I received a blessing in disguise True Geordie: You said before this fight you have something planned Is there anything you want to say to someone out? KSI: Obviously man’s got this belt right now and if any YouTuber wants it. You can come get it Jake Paul, Logan Paul, any of the Pauls I don’t care bring it I saw this as an opportunity to turn my disoriented emotions into fuel After everything that had happened since January This was my chance to truly TRULY take a step back from the internet and focus on something else with the unrelenting passion that I knew I had I knew that I had more to offer in this world, and I did not want to let my failure define me Little did I know, I had been preaching this message the whole time And if you lose if you fail fine, in fact, please let me fail Let me let me lose. If you can take a hit in the face and get back up and learn from it That is a win consider that a win because you are now better and stronger than you were in the past It’s just like working out. You work out. You work out. You work out you deplete your muscles You take your protein shake and then your muscles heal and you’re stronger than you were before. It’s the same exact thing… During the six months of four hours of daily training I rekindled my relationship with my brother I fell in love with a girl who Absolutely changed my life and I restructured my business and focused on my mental health and emotional growth This is weird bro, I didn’t think i’d cry right now Thank God for the people around me in the support of you guys because I don’t know how else I would have gotten through this Year or out of my own way It is a majority draw And although the fight was a draw (whack as fuck) It turned out to be the biggest event in internet history, and I’m looking forward to the rematch next year I told myself at the beginning of the year I was not going to let that become my legacy and that I was gonna not ask for forgiveness but earn a chance to be forgiven Have I earned that? not yet, not yet But it is a start of a new Logan Paul where every fucking day I craft a better version of myself and KSI for that I owe you a thank you brother Rematch is gonna be fun True Geordie: Ladies and gentlemen KSI and Logan Paul! As I’ve matured this year I’ve gotten to exercise my creativity in different ways with the number one podcast in the world called impaulsive A documentary about the Flat Earth, which is coming in January, And I’m hitting 2019 hard by releasing a show called best friends that I shot with Evan big things come in small packages An animated storytime series about crazy shit that’s gone down in my life as well as reviving the vlogs. I’m growing into who I am and what I want to make versus trying to fit into the mold of YouTube Personality or be someone who I’m simply not The things you’ve been went through this year Have you shared yet on this podcast or on your vlog – three biggest lessons you learned from this year. What’s that? What’s the one you share? The one is slow down. It is the first thing that comes to my mind and I can not Point to that as the reason for what happened the singular reason for what happened, but that is a that is HUGE What would be less number two the biggest? lesson of the year lesson number two listen… Listening happen what way listen to the people around you? Listen to what they’re saying Listen to your audience. Listen to your friends. Listen, you’re family. You’re not right about everything old Logan what will be a third one Biggest lesson that you think will transform not only your business your brand your Empire, but also your life In 2019 and beyond I think empathy I think I think being aware of people beyond just yourself Granted I’m still young and I still have a lot to learn and by no means am I saying I’ve learned everything and I’ll never make another mistake Because I’m far from perfect and I’m nowhere near the man I want to be But the best thing I can do is keep striving to listen, learn, grow, feel and adapt. Now one year later, although I can’t say 2018 was the best year of my life I can absolutely say this has been the most cathartic and important year of my life This year and how I move forward will forever define the type of man that I am in the mission I’m on I’m blessed to be able to continue doing what I love and I want to thank all of you for your support and if you’re like me and you’re ever feeling low, like the weight of the world has been stacked on your shoulders Even if it is a fault of your own, just remember It could always get worse But it will always get better Who knows? 2018 might end up being the best year of my life, but I got a lot more to go. Peace!!! Captions Made By:
Dion Perera


  1. logan paul career has died
    Choch tales:Died
    Best friends:Died
    Daily vlogs:Died
    Only podcast
    I am a logangster pls dun send hate

  2. I feel so sad for your family and most from mom and dad whom raise u up, but i just want to say that i don't really give a honest fuck about your social life like in media wise, it's all about self control and be honest to your fucking self, be you but with more growth and listen in stead of your shittie grind move cause what makes you a better is just listen and take your fucking time be there fuck the KSI fight take focus in be a better stronger guy with mature content and stay REAL

  3. I was never mad at you when i found you took a month off of the internet and you were kicked off of youtube for a while i balled my eyes out

  4. Guys he has to be forgiven, he didn't mean to do that , he is quitting YouTube I'm so sad I'm waiting for vlogs in his channel but he is only doing impaulsive vids I love u Logan paul

  5. I feel sorry for the people who got tricked by good video editing, emotional songs and ghost writing. lmao this guy is still an asshole for me

  6. Y’know I’ve been a part of the Logang for about two years? I bought the merch, watched all the videos and I stopped as soon as the forest thing. But now that I see this video, I feel like I can join this family again. You’ve grown so much as a person and it’s actually pretty inspiring. Thank you for sharing your experience and owning up to your mistakes.

  7. I’m crying this is just so good Logan we love your the best entertainer in the world your family is amazing we love you Logan hope the rematch goes well both you and KSI are winners because both of you have people like us that love and support you guys

  8. As long as you learn from your mistakes you can be forgiven no matter what you do and how you do it but also don't ever make that mistake again

  9. Logan Paul and hes video about whats going on in hes life and how 2018 was the best year of hes life for him and it was like wow touching to it made my feel so much better and happy tbh and I'm just shocked about it and how happy I am and to learn to take things slow and it really change me to look out more and to learn from mistakes and to always think instead of doing first

  10. This man is the most positive person I know. So many negativity has happened up until now, and he is still positive about life. I honestly never expected him to rise back up from the huge controversy in 2017, but as always, he defied the odds. You have my respect big time, Logan.

  11. Cut the crap you ugly and spoiled white bitch. We know you are fake apologizing to avoid more trouble. May Allah curse you more than he already did. Ameen. I am praying hell for you and your brother.

  12. You fuckin cunt I had a dream of wht you did in January 2018 choles a fuckin slut you fuckin prick you know that ksi is gonna knock your jaw hanging there's gonna be bleeding all over I'm gonna get my hacker freinds to hack you YouTube channel because you don't deserve no you tube channel like 👍 if you agree

  13. you are amazing I'm glad u change I was a subscriber until u did that but some reason u pull me back u showed me u change I'm happy for u here u deserve this I will resub god bless u and your family never let people hate on u I learine that from my mistake. I'm sorry about your loss.

  14. Hi, Logan! this video gives me a lot of power.ชอบ คุณมากมากมากนะคะให้พลังมาเยอะๆๆๆๆๆๆๆขอบคุณค่ะ

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