L’Hiver et le Hockey à Montréal

L’Hiver et le Hockey à Montréal

The winter in Monréal is something special, another universe The temperature reaches most of the time -30°C or worse And of course, you’ll be surrounded by snow When you add the humidity and the wind stroms, it can make you stay home A nice surprise : all the murals and paintings in Montréal Embellishing the streets and giving a free acess to the culture was an initiative of the city. Something magical is happening during winter. Here, all the seasons are marked and clear With the big heat wave during the summer and the wonderful autumn, I had a taste of it Despite the tough conditions and as usual in Montréal, there are a lot of activities you can do It might be to make the Canadians go out, they usually stay inside during winter It’s understandable by 20°C What we can do during winter : have fun with temporaries facilities,.. .. enjoy the christmas market, go to the igloo fest (even though I’ve been told that it’s only for tourists), .. .. use snowshoes, practice skyiing, sledge on the hills, have a week-end in a cabin, .. .. you can ice-skate on the lakes, etc… Christmas Market During winter (and during summer too of course) you can go to the Underground City of Montréal It’s the largest underground network in the world. Inside : malls, restaurants, banks, stores, offices … Thus, some people don’t have to wear warm clothes because they don’t have to go outside And they can do that because the stations are integrated to the buildings For instance : when the entrance is located in the hall of a skyscraper While in Paris, the acess is most of the time by the sidewalks By the way, there’s a station which has the “Parisian style”. People here don’t like it because the snow can rush inside by the staircase. Small anecdote, for my first day, I was looking for the best exit to reach my school I walk in a very long corridor leading to a single elevator I used it and I ended up in the lobby of a 5* hotel It was quite surprising but I did it many times after, there’s even a guy who opens you the door to go outside But you should’t believe that it’s huge or convenient It connects 8 downtown’s stations where all the skyscrapers are But it’s not where everybody live And to go from one to another station, people prefer taking the subway of course It’s badly indicated, it grew in every directions without being planned before Every buildings wanted an acess to it, but there is no nice path to use for instance Every saturday of winter, fireworks light up the old port A good way to warm you up is to dance in a bar or in a club Most of the time, it’s cheaper than in France, but it closes earlier (2 or 3 am) They are well prepared for the season obviously As soon as the cold arrives, they are unrolling huge carpets on the ground floor Because in Canada during winter with all the salt in the streets, you’ll have disgusting feet The snow-removers will always be ready for the roads and sidewalks For the clothes : no secret, you’ll need several layers of good quality They sometimes put shoes inside of shoes to not be dirty/cold To recognise french people : they wear Canada Goose Parkas My school (ETS) and my parka (not Canada Goose) This evening is special : we’re going to a hockey game I’ll take you inside with one of my quebecers friend Here it’s a religions, I’ll try to show you what it is and to show you the local fervour The cold is also a good excuse to talk about Hockey, national sport of Canada You can practice it on almost every lakes during winter and in the malls/ Ice rinks during summer (Trying to use the local accent 🙂 I saw two games and practiced Hockey, but my accent is still so shitty “Ladies and Gentleman, Please welcome OUR CANADIANS (name of the team)” Everything is here for a good show : National anthem, the entrance of players, the music, the cheerleaders, … The national anthem of the USA is sung if one of the US team is playing The anthem of Canada is sung before every game Several versions exist, sometimes only in French or in English, here it’s a mix This version is non-official (but at least doesn’t create a debate about language, huge topic in Québec) Montréal has the oldest team which is still playing : the Canadians of Montréal It’s also the most titled team (24) of the North-American league, but the last win was more than 20 years ago I’ve seen two games in the Centre Bell stadium, finalized in 1996 It’s the largest of the league with 22 000 seats, it’s also where I saw Arcade Fire It always starts with the Canadian anthem (and American if one team is from the US) After there are 3 times 20 minutes of game with 15 minutes break in between A hockey game can cost a lot, the tickets starts at 50$ and can reach 300$ But the Candians, the Americans, they spend also a lot of money in food, sweets, drinks, parkings, merchandise of the club There’s even a lottery at every game, it’s impressive For the atmosphere, it’s pretty quiet People are shouting if there’s a goal, or if a music is played Not once all the stadium sang together, there’s not a stand with flags or banners, I was a little disappointed and surprised when you know that they are always talking about this team in the news On top of that, the name of the street is the name of the club ! It reminds me of an non-official football game in Europe : a very familial atmosphere People come for the show, the entertainement While in Euope, the fervour is more intense, it’s my opinion. Anyway, it was a great time, and something you should do in Montréal The next video will be the last of my year abroad ! See you soon !

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  1. Précise que la ferveur européenne entraîne souvent des dérapages et de fortes violences (Angleterre vs Russie Euro 2016 et plus récemment les supporters de Lille qui ont envahis le terrain afin d’en découdre avec leurs joueurs). En tout cas merci pour tes vidéos cela me permet de rentrer dans le bain avant ma future arrivée 😉

  2. ben comme tru l'as mentionné…je vais le préciser…la dernière coupe stanley que le canadien de montreal a remporté c'était en 1993…alors…c'est déjà un exploit en sois que le centre Bell est presque toujours rempli à sa pleine capacité…maintenant…il faut savoir aussi…que nous sommes fans…aucunement fanatiques…que ce soit pour les acteurs..chanteurs..vedettes holywoodiennes…nous sommes fans…non fanatiques…alors…quand notre équipe de hochey…qui peine à faire les séries éliminatoires se retrouve avec un public timide…eh ben…ce public..malgré tout…signe présent…je t'assure une chose…si un jour tu as la chance de voir un match en série…ayayaye…cest fou…ah…mais si tu essais de comparer avec les stades de foot européens qui contiennent quoi?..50000 personnes…voir beaucoup plus…ça n'a rien à voir…au hochey..l'action est sur la glace non pas dans les gradins !!!

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